More Depression Please

More Depression Please
Captain Jack

Is this recovery going too fast for you? Itching to get back in the days of Bush when we were losing 700,000 jobs every month? Sorry to see the housing prices leveling off? Need more pain and suffering?

Well, then all you have to do is … nothing. Stay home. Don’t vote and you can guarantee that the Republicans will be out voting in force afraid that Obama is a secret Muslim. The frightened crazies don’t care if the Bush years return. Just so they get the “enemies”, their fellow Americans, out of office.

That’s what we have to worry about in America.

America doesn’t need to worry about nuclear attack or terrorist attacks as much as we need to worry about what will happen to this country if we get another conservative government before we get done cleaning up after the last one.

But you can bet that they will all be out there voting and if we want to stay home because we’re unhappy we didn’t get a little pony, then we will be responsible for the disaster as much as the fools who are all out there wetting their pants about the scary black man in the oval office.

Want more depression? Easy! Just don’t get involved in the coming elections in November. Stay home. Don’t vote. You’ll get exactly what you deserve.

2 thoughts on “More Depression Please”

  1. Good point. No matter how we may want to feel demoraliized and sit and lick our wounds, there’s no time for self pitty.

    Get out and vote!

  2. In the 1920s, the republicans dropped the top tax rate from 92% to 25% and the roaring 20s followed and the depression. In the 80s Reagan dropped the top tax rate and the worst recession since the great depression followed. Today, we have dropped the top tax rates and offered tax give aways to the millionaires and billionaires and we’re in another Republican depression. Who would have guessed? Will they never learn?

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