American Taliban

American Taliban
Paul Johnson

It’s been a while since I’ve come by this way but wanted to share this wonderful book with everyone who can read.

American Taliban is a wonderful book by Markos Moulitsas that puts serious work into showing just how dangerous the radical right fringe of the Republican part has become. They are without a doubt just as bad and possibly worse for America than the Taliban in Afghanistan.

We have to be worried about these radicals getting even the slightest foothold in American. We have no room here for nut cases like the Taliban. The Tea Party is so full of these nut cases that America is looking over the cliff at what can become of our country.

If they get into power, Osama bin Laden has certainly won.

Get the book, read it, and do everything you can to protect America from the American Taliban.

Consider this an open thread to discuss the book.

4 thoughts on “American Taliban”

  1. It won’t be long at this rate before we start seeing in America when women and girls get stoned to death for getting raped. Hello Sharron Angle. Do you still say they should just “Make the most of it”?

  2. There is without a doubt a party chock full of nuts over at the right. In the first sentence of the US constitution is the first reference to welfare. Anyone who has read the constitution knows that the purpose of government is to ensure the welfare of the people. In other words, we are all of us responsible for helping the least among us. The Tea nuts don’t have a clue what principles America was founded on and they don’t care. It is scary what will come of our once great country if we stay home and let these crazies take over our country.

  3. Welcome back, PJ. You’re right, it’s a great book and a scary perspective if the crazies get a foothold upon which to spout their misguided anti-American nonsense. Everyone should get out there and read it and loan a copy to everyone you know. This is what we are looking at if we don’t act right now.

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