Health Care for America Now

Health Care for America Now
Captain Jack

I got this in my inbox today. It’s so sad to see the extent of the lies coming out of the right and the millionaires and billionaires. They’re making more and more money while the rest of us do with less and less and they lie to keep it coming. We are all being lied to and many of us are believing the swill. Check out this email and help stop the lies about national health insurance reform.

As you know, the insurance companies spent over $700 million to try and kill health care.  Now, the insurers and their allies are spending millions on ads filled with lies to try and buy a Republican anti-health care majority hell-bent on repealing the new law. These ads are designed to trick and scare voters especially seniors.

Just last week, the conservative 60 Plus Association (an astro turf, insurance industry front-group claiming to represent seniors) launched its latest round of misleading ads that falsely attack the Members of Congress who stood on our side against the insurance companies.

Fight back now and call voters across the country and tell them the truth about the health care law.

These next few weeks are crucial in the fight to protect consumer and end the insurance companies’ stranglehold on our health care. It was your work, your one-on-one conversations, your phone calls, and your e-mails that defeated the insurance lobbyists. We beat the insurance industry before and we will do it again.

Click here to sign up and call seniors across the country and tell them the truth about the health care law.

The insurance companies and their mouthpieces will continue to take every opportunity to prevent the new law from fulfilling its promise. Their tactics are getting more brazen by the day. Several insurance companies are refusing to issue child-only policies because the new law prohibits their practice of denying coverage to children with “pre-existing conditions.” They continue to blame these indefensible actions on the new law.

Will you fight the insurance industry as they attack health care and its supporters? Sign up to phonebank today.

We will continue to stand up to the insurance industry and be the voice of truth in their sea of lies. This movement was built on your hard work and dedication. We won’t let this country go backwards.

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  1. Lies lies and more lies. Snopes and the other urban legend web sites are chock full of proof of lies coming from the right. Then you hear about the fools on the right complaining how the media is liberal because Snopes points out their stupidity.

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