Thinking With a Vacuum

Thank you, David, for the link to Weyrich. I clicked on some of his other idiotic comments on Youtube and came across this gem. In a nutshell, this quote exemplifies the vacuous logic of the conservatives. Watch this.

Pay attention to his complete lack of congruency. See if you can spot it.

Let me help you out if you haven’t spotted it.

First, notice how he admits that the patriot act was an awful, frightening, bad bill that “they” pushed through. There was no admitting that it was his conservatives in the Republican Party who did this, but no, it was “they”. I’m not able to read his mind but it’s really hard for me to even believe that he even considered the fact that his ideas and the evils he has support were responsible for this disaster called the patriot act.

Next, notice how he says that it’s okay since his people are in charge but if Hillary got in power she would be arresting conservatives using the patriot act. Well, the Democrats haven’t been arresting any terrorist conservatives using the patriot act. In my opinion, the conservatives who were using terror to try to influence the 2004 election (you know the ones, Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft) should all be behind bars right now. But, no, not only are they careful not to abuse the patriot act, they’re even wimps when it comes to addressing the crimes of the conservatives. Still, he says that his people are only arresting the terrorists as if there were no innocent people in Guantanamo.

The flow of the entire rant was from pointing out how someone else passed the patriot act and his people were only doing good and not abusing it and putting in a sunset provision and how bad it will be if anyone else uses the powers.

This disconnect from reality is a disease that I see over an over in dealing with republicans. They can’t govern and then are so worried about how someone else might govern.

If a candidate thinks the government can do no good, for God’s sake don’t let him prove it by getting elected. Elect someone who believes we the people can run a successful government.

Get Out and Vote

Get Out and Vote
David Schlecht

In order for Democracy to work, we have to all get out there and vote. There’s no time to sit around whining about how busy we are or how much we hate the selection of candidates or how [insert your favorite excuse here].

Our Democracy needs you, all of you.

Unlike the Republican party which puts serious effort into suppressing votes, Democracy needs all of us out there voting.

Do it TODAY! And tell all your friends to get out and vote.

Let’s Get Motivated

Let’s Get Motivated
Captain Jack

This coming down to the wire. The polls are all over the place and there’s no telling how this will turn out till after it’s over.

It is time to get out there and volunteer. It’s time to get out there and talk with your friends and family.

America needs us TODAY. It doesn’t matter if your liberal or conservative, America needs your input. We can’t allow this county to be governed by the few. We need more than a 25% turnout.

Get Motivated.

What is a Fair Tax?

What is a Fair Tax?
David Schlecht

Republicans have managed to rewire the meaning of tax to mean something other than what our founding fathers had in mind. America’s forefathers knew what it meant to be taxed into poverty and to be taxed as a penalty. But our forefathers didn’t see America’s taxes to be either of those.

As we can see in the constitution, the idea was that “we the people” would unite to pool our money into common services thereby avoiding greedy or unethical businesses. In other words, the military was a way for you and me to pool our money and create a system that protects us. The idea wasn’t to pool our money and give it to a greedy corporation to protect us. See the difference? A greedy corporation’s main goal is greed but our main need is security. So, it only makes sense that we pool our money to create our own military.

Since, according to the US constitution, the purpose of government is for we the people to provide for the welfare of each other, there are numerous purposes for we the people to unite to create programs that provide for our needs that avoids the pitfalls of greedy corporations. Any service that we decide is so important that we want to ensure its success we make a function of the government.

Let’s say for another example that the health of the nation cannot be ensured by greedy corporations. Greed runs counter to our needs for reliable health care. That is why all the leading countries in the world have ensured health care through the government. That is why America has finally passed health care reform.

The payment we are paying to the greedy corporate insurance companies can some day be shifted into a much smaller tax that we can pay to get better and more reliable health services.

In other words, what we, in a free country, pay is not a tax but an investment in ourselves. We decide to pay $100 in tax rather than $1000 to a greedy corporation that will probably decline our coverage when we need it most.

So, it’s not really a tax. It’s an investment.

Insurance is an easy example of something that you can not trust to a greedy corporation. Let’s say you pay $5,000 per year for all your assorted insurance needs. If you can get the greedy corporation profits out of the equation you could get by with a $2,000 tax increase to cover all your insurance needs and keep the $5,000.

Most of us don’t mind paying less money to have a public education system rather than paying for-profit corporations and hope they provide what we need. Most of us don’t mind paying less money to have police departments rather than private for-profit security companies and we like paying less for reliable fire departments that won’t let our house burn down because they say we didn’t pay or because they cut costs so much they don’t have the right equipment.

Most of us are glad we have taxes that allow all of us to live in a first class country. But there are always going to be freeloaders. There will always be those who want to collect unemployment rather than work, and there are those who want to live in a wonderful country and not pay their fair share of the costs.

This is exactly what our forefathers envisioned when they created a country of the people for the people.

So, what is a fair tax? It is whatever it is you want it to be. If you want to live in a third world country, zero taxes is in order. Our constitution allows for just that. However, if, like our forefathers, you want to live in a wonderful country, you will want to pay the costs to make it happen, and will thereby be saving yourself gobs of money by not paying for greedy corporations for your government services.

Okay, now admit it! Privatizing our government is a really stupid thing to do isn’t it?

There is limit to what we the people can pool our money to buy. We can decide to pool our money for whatever we darned well feel like and it’s exactly what our forefathers wanted. We the People!

I don’t want to pool our money to build cars or air planes. But if it’s important for a first class country, it should be guaranteed by the people, not by a greed-driven corporation.

I can easily think of dozens of services that I would prefer to pay for through fewer taxes than I”m paying for greedy corporations. If we could spend 50% of our income on taxes and get tens or hundreds of times more services for our money, it would be foolish to fear the idea brought by our forefathers, even though some try to scare you away by calling it a scary name like socialism.

What Makes a Republican

What Makes a Republican

Having read over many of the posts here, I find that I’m more than a bit miffed by the civil discourse that the writers demonstrate only to be shunned or attacked by republicans who come here and cry about being called out on their deplorable actions. This isn’t a time to all sit around and sing Kumbaya. The republican party is tearing this country apart and it’s time we all started telling it like it really is.

There’s also no benefit in sitting around and psychoanalyzing the republicans. You can trust me on this. There are three kinds of people who are republicans.

  1. Greedy selfish brats salivating at the thought of getting rich off the ashes of America. This described almost every blasted republican in Congress. You can’t possibly defend the position that they believe it is in America’s best interests to become a backwater banana belt third world country. All they care is that they and their friends get rich.
  2. Head-in-the-sand idiots. This is the typical republican voter. They won’t ever be rich and the know it. They’ll be lucky to still have a job come dinnertime tonight. They’ll be lucky if the democrats win because they don’t know how to plan for their future. This is obvious by the way they vote, always looking for ways to vote against their best interests. The states that need the most federal assistance money are the red states who complain that someone but them is getting assistance. These simple folks are the easy fools the republican party exploits without mercy. They get what they deserve, but America doesn’t deserve them.
  3. Frightened little people. This is a sad slice of America who are so easily controlled by their fear. These are the people who kept voting republican every time Bush upped the terrorist threat level. They were getting played and everyone knew it. Now all they can do is stop from wetting themselves. They’ll never vote for a democrat because they’re too afraid.

The republican party is solely responsible for the dismal state of this nation. It has been many decades of republicans and republican policies that have gotten us in this mess and it will take a bigger and stinker mess before Americans learn their lessons. But, as they say, America is waking up!

Playing Politics With Our Country

Playing Politics With Our Country

Another Republican lie stunk up my mail box again today. It’s sickening how corrupt the Republican party has become. They will lie and lie and lie and fools never cease to believe them. Today’s mail was from Americans for Tax Reform. Sounds like a real grass roots organization doesn’t it?

So, exactly who are these “American”? Let’s take a quick look at their website and the front page is dedicated to a big banner of Obama and the words, “Countdown to the biggest tax increase in American history.” Seem pretty impartial, doesn’t it? They’re all for a flat tax. Remember the flat tax? That’s the tax where the poor pay the taxes for the rich. So a quick trip to sourcewatch and we see that they’re funded by millionaires and the tobacco industry. Oh yes, we want them influencing our elections don’t we?

So from this little bit of investigation anyone with even half a brain can tell you that the ad will be about as truthful as a tobacco advertisement. Cool, yet mild. The garbage mail says that Harry Reid played politics with our health care. Imagine that! Harry Reid tried to do something to fix out broken health care against the opposition of the entire republican congress. Good for Harry. Then the ad says, “… hurting Nevada’s seniors.”

Oh, yes, doing something to fix our broken health care system some how hurts seniors. What kind of a retard would ever believe this crap? Really? OH, that’s right, a republican voter and a tea bagger.

Sick party isn’t it?

Will You Stand Up for America’s Survival?

Will You Stand Up for America’s Survival?


A heartfelt howdydoo. This is my first post to Just-Say-Why so here’s a quick introduction. I’m over 60, I am comfortable on a computer and on the internet. I don’t hate gays, I’m not afraid of words like socialism, and my political views are based on the individual issues rather than party line.

Today, I got a political ad from an association called The 60 Plus Association which claimed to be non-partisan but wants me to call Harry Reid’s office and complain about “ObamaCare”. What idiot would believe this is a non-partisan organization. Looking at their website, I see a bunch of pictures of old farts sitting around. But, Googling the organization, I see from Wikipedia that they’re really a conservative group funded by “Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.”

Imagine that! A big pharma organization sending misleading advertisements to older citizens telling them to call our government and complain about our ONLY serious law to protect us from the blood suckers.

I ask, what do you take me for? An effing retard or a republican?

See where they get their money from, and
See what others have to say about these ethical conservatives.

Obstructing America

Obstructing America
David Schlecht

Not to steal Captain Jack’s thunder but the very last act of the Republicans in Congress was to obstruct a small business jobs bill which would have put an estimated 400,000 people to work.

Why would you suppose anyone would have obstructed this?

It is undeniably obvious that their purpose is to stop the Democrats from doing anything positive and then run for reelection claiming the Democrats didn’t do anything.

They must really think the American voters are stupid not to see what they’re doing.

Things the GOP Hates – Part 1

Things the GOP Hates – Part 1
Captain Jack

I’m quite surprised by the Republican Party for all the things they oppose. One would think that they oppose anything the Democrats want, even if such opposition hurts America. Then, again, maybe there really is reason to oppose these things Democrats are trying to pass thinking it’s for the benefit of America. Let’s take a look at what the GOP hates.

The list of things the GOP opposes is huge and grows every day so deciding where to start leaves countless possibilities. So, I’ll start with things that the GOP has expressed the most opposition to, namely fixing our broken health care system.

The GOP has promised repeatedly that if they get back into power they’ll repeal the health care reform bill. They’ve pledged to, “Repeal the Costly Health Care Takeover of 2010.”

It sickens me to see a major political party in America so steeped in lies. I would have said, “what moron would ever believe that the tax bill is taking over the health care” but seeing all the people who sadly believed the lies about the death panels and believe that Obama’s coming for their guns, I sadly realize that a large number of Americans are successfully deceived by these lies over and over again.

If you are one of the many Republicans who visit this site, please stop and drop me a comment and let me what’s going on inside your head when it comes to this stuff.

Why does anyone believe the lies when it’s proven that the party is lying over and over? Is it easily forgotten each time or does your news media neglect to correct the lies?

America has been trying for many decades to fix our broken health care system. We’ve known it’s broken since the early 1900s. Republican administrations and Democratic administrations have tried repeatedly to fix this mess only to be beaten down by the medical and health care industries.  Now, after all these failed attempts, America has succeeded in a first step at fixing the problem and the same health care and medical industries have convinced many of us how it’s not in our best interests to see this fixed.

So, Republicans, please enlighten me. Why are you so opposed to America fixing our broken health care system? We’re the last industrialized nation to fix the death by greed problems. So, what, exactly, are you so opposed to? The lie of death panels has been cleared up, the lie of it costing more than it saves over the next few years has been debunked. Exactly what is remaining that makes the GOP want to repeal this? Is the problem really just the fact that the Democrats were successful in helping America and the GOP don’t want it to stick?

Is it possible that the Republican voters really don’t want America to fix our broken health care system? I just refuse to believe that.

Now that the health care bill is in effect, how much have your taxes gone up? None? In fact isn’t Obama trying to get the middle class tax cuts to continue? How many death panels have you seen? How much is your health care rationed? None?

Well, then, really, what is the GOP opposed to when it comes to fixing our health care system?