Things the GOP Hates – Part 1

Things the GOP Hates – Part 1
Captain Jack

I’m quite surprised by the Republican Party for all the things they oppose. One would think that they oppose anything the Democrats want, even if such opposition hurts America. Then, again, maybe there really is reason to oppose these things Democrats are trying to pass thinking it’s for the benefit of America. Let’s take a look at what the GOP hates.

The list of things the GOP opposes is huge and grows every day so deciding where to start leaves countless possibilities. So, I’ll start with things that the GOP has expressed the most opposition to, namely fixing our broken health care system.

The GOP has promised repeatedly that if they get back into power they’ll repeal the health care reform bill. They’ve pledged to, “Repeal the Costly Health Care Takeover of 2010.”

It sickens me to see a major political party in America so steeped in lies. I would have said, “what moron would ever believe that the tax bill is taking over the health care” but seeing all the people who sadly believed the lies about the death panels and believe that Obama’s coming for their guns, I sadly realize that a large number of Americans are successfully deceived by these lies over and over again.

If you are one of the many Republicans who visit this site, please stop and drop me a comment and let me what’s going on inside your head when it comes to this stuff.

Why does anyone believe the lies when it’s proven that the party is lying over and over? Is it easily forgotten each time or does your news media neglect to correct the lies?

America has been trying for many decades to fix our broken health care system. We’ve known it’s broken since the early 1900s. Republican administrations and Democratic administrations have tried repeatedly to fix this mess only to be beaten down by the medical and health care industries.  Now, after all these failed attempts, America has succeeded in a first step at fixing the problem and the same health care and medical industries have convinced many of us how it’s not in our best interests to see this fixed.

So, Republicans, please enlighten me. Why are you so opposed to America fixing our broken health care system? We’re the last industrialized nation to fix the death by greed problems. So, what, exactly, are you so opposed to? The lie of death panels has been cleared up, the lie of it costing more than it saves over the next few years has been debunked. Exactly what is remaining that makes the GOP want to repeal this? Is the problem really just the fact that the Democrats were successful in helping America and the GOP don’t want it to stick?

Is it possible that the Republican voters really don’t want America to fix our broken health care system? I just refuse to believe that.

Now that the health care bill is in effect, how much have your taxes gone up? None? In fact isn’t Obama trying to get the middle class tax cuts to continue? How many death panels have you seen? How much is your health care rationed? None?

Well, then, really, what is the GOP opposed to when it comes to fixing our health care system?

10 thoughts on “Things the GOP Hates – Part 1”

  1. I went along with the Republican story for many years and I can tell you that they do not make political decisions based on fact or logic. The rich do, because all the Republican decisions help them, but the average Republican votes against their best interest every time. When I was in this trap, it was all about emotion. Feat this, hate that. It’s all about dividing the world up into teams. Our team vs the enemy’s team, gays vs straights, liberal commies vs us, the elite vs us, us Christians vs everyone else, abortion lovers vs us. The GOP have become experts at dividing America and turning it into politics,

    It’s a hard trap to get out of.

  2. It’s a plain as the nose on your face they they oppose anything Obama does. It’s their main goal to destroy him and if they can fleece the middle class in the deal, that’s just gravy.

  3. I’m not a Republican and never was one but the logic skills of your average Republican must be about zero. Just look at the tea baggers. T-E-A Taxed Enough Already? Someone needs to tell them their taxes are the lowest they’ve been in our lifetimes and the Democrats want to help it stay that way. The Republicans/Tea Party say they want lower taxes but borrow from China to make it happen. It embarrasses me to see an American political party taking advantage of the poor vulnerable trusting republican voter.

  4. How about asking what the GOP loves? Like stealing from the middle class? How about destroying the safeguards we put in place to protect us from the greedy.

  5. I agree. Unlike this site, the Republicans area ll about finding things to divide the country. Nowhere do you see the Republicans trying to find middle ground. Not the GOP and not the Republican voters. There is no coming together until the Republicans are willing or until they’re so marginalized that they don’t matter.

  6. The GOP is opposed because it makes the Democrats look good. Simple as that. As for the fool Republican voters? Who knows? Because they believe the GOP lies that it’s Socialism? For crap’s sake, read the constitution, the purpose of government is for we the people to provide for the welfare of we the people. How obvious.

  7. I *have* read the constitution and just because the preamble says government is to provide for the welfare of the people, that doesn’t really matter What matters is that if you take the third word of the second article, the fifth word of the third amendment, the 12th word of the fifth article and the third word of the second article again, it say “Obama’s coming for my guns”. That’s what really matters. Oh, and don’t expect to win over the Republican with facts and logic like this whole constitution stupidity.

  8. Do you even need to ask? We don’t like you liberal ideas. Communism has failed. Give it up. We don’t like Democrats destroying our country. We want to oppose everything liberal because liberal ideas don’t work and are destroying our country.

    1. Well, Captain, I’d say that this comment pretty much sums up the Republican mindset. There are no specifics, just the same old worn out talking points. Hate the liberals, hate the commies, but don’t spend even a single minute thinking about the issues. Exactly what liberal policies don’t work? Helping thy neighbor? Feeding the hungry?

      The policies you so fear are the principles upon which this great country was founded. Sorry to shake your beliefs.

      Read the constitution. It’s easy. It’s taught in elementary school. To get you started, here is the preamble:
      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      In other words, we the people have united to ensure for the defense and welfare of each other. Oh no, COMMUNISM! SOCIALISM! FASCISM! Oh my!

      Nowhere in the constitution does it say the government is to help the greedy people get rich.

      Sorry Charlie.

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