Will You Stand Up for America’s Survival?

Will You Stand Up for America’s Survival?


A heartfelt howdydoo. This is my first post to Just-Say-Why so here’s a quick introduction. I’m over 60, I am comfortable on a computer and on the internet. I don’t hate gays, I’m not afraid of words like socialism, and my political views are based on the individual issues rather than party line.

Today, I got a political ad from an association called The 60 Plus Association which claimed to be non-partisan but wants me to call Harry Reid’s office and complain about “ObamaCare”. What idiot would believe this is a non-partisan organization. Looking at their website, I see a bunch of pictures of old farts sitting around. But, Googling the organization, I see from Wikipedia that they’re really a conservative group funded by “Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.”

Imagine that! A big pharma organization sending misleading advertisements to older citizens telling them to call our government and complain about our ONLY serious law to protect us from the blood suckers.

I ask, what do you take me for? An effing retard or a republican?

See where they get their money from, and
See what others have to say about these ethical conservatives.

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  1. Great first post! Loved it. Welcome aboard, Mat.

    It’s nice to links to pertinent information. I wish more posts had them.

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