Playing Politics With Our Country

Playing Politics With Our Country

Another Republican lie stunk up my mail box again today. It’s sickening how corrupt the Republican party has become. They will lie and lie and lie and fools never cease to believe them. Today’s mail was from Americans for Tax Reform. Sounds like a real grass roots organization doesn’t it?

So, exactly who are these “American”? Let’s take a quick look at their website and the front page is dedicated to a big banner of Obama and the words, “Countdown to the biggest tax increase in American history.” Seem pretty impartial, doesn’t it? They’re all for a flat tax. Remember the flat tax? That’s the tax where the poor pay the taxes for the rich. So a quick trip to sourcewatch and we see that they’re funded by millionaires and the tobacco industry. Oh yes, we want them influencing our elections don’t we?

So from this little bit of investigation anyone with even half a brain can tell you that the ad will be about as truthful as a tobacco advertisement. Cool, yet mild. The garbage mail says that Harry Reid played politics with our health care. Imagine that! Harry Reid tried to do something to fix out broken health care against the opposition of the entire republican congress. Good for Harry. Then the ad says, “… hurting Nevada’s seniors.”

Oh, yes, doing something to fix our broken health care system some how hurts seniors. What kind of a retard would ever believe this crap? Really? OH, that’s right, a republican voter and a tea bagger.

Sick party isn’t it?