Thinking With a Vacuum

Thank you, David, for the link to Weyrich. I clicked on some of his other idiotic comments on Youtube and came across this gem. In a nutshell, this quote exemplifies the vacuous logic of the conservatives. Watch this.

Pay attention to his complete lack of congruency. See if you can spot it.

Let me help you out if you haven’t spotted it.

First, notice how he admits that the patriot act was an awful, frightening, bad bill that “they” pushed through. There was no admitting that it was his conservatives in the Republican Party who did this, but no, it was “they”. I’m not able to read his mind but it’s really hard for me to even believe that he even considered the fact that his ideas and the evils he has support were responsible for this disaster called the patriot act.

Next, notice how he says that it’s okay since his people are in charge but if Hillary got in power she would be arresting conservatives using the patriot act. Well, the Democrats haven’t been arresting any terrorist conservatives using the patriot act. In my opinion, the conservatives who were using terror to try to influence the 2004 election (you know the ones, Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft) should all be behind bars right now. But, no, not only are they careful not to abuse the patriot act, they’re even wimps when it comes to addressing the crimes of the conservatives. Still, he says that his people are only arresting the terrorists as if there were no innocent people in Guantanamo.

The flow of the entire rant was from pointing out how someone else passed the patriot act and his people were only doing good and not abusing it and putting in a sunset provision and how bad it will be if anyone else uses the powers.

This disconnect from reality is a disease that I see over an over in dealing with republicans. They can’t govern and then are so worried about how someone else might govern.

If a candidate thinks the government can do no good, for God’s sake don’t let him prove it by getting elected. Elect someone who believes we the people can run a successful government.

Get Out and Vote

Get Out and Vote
David Schlecht

In order for Democracy to work, we have to all get out there and vote. There’s no time to sit around whining about how busy we are or how much we hate the selection of candidates or how [insert your favorite excuse here].

Our Democracy needs you, all of you.

Unlike the Republican party which puts serious effort into suppressing votes, Democracy needs all of us out there voting.

Do it TODAY! And tell all your friends to get out and vote.