Election Results 2010

Election Results 2010
David Schlecht

So, what are your thoughts on the election results?

I find that the media is calling this a severe blow to the Democrats and a Republican landslide.

In reality, it’s a 10% loss in the Senate and a 24% loss in the House. That’s nothing compared to the 50-75% loss the average worker has lost in his 401K in the past few years.

How can the media, in a clear conscience, call this a landslide?

I think America did pretty well against the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by shadow donors, many from foreign sources and multinational corporations.

8 thoughts on “Election Results 2010”

  1. More than half the blue dogs are out. That is a lot of crappy seats lost. The numbers don’t look at all bad if you count the blue dogs as the republicans they are.

  2. Democrats still won with a larger margin than Bush had when he declared he had a mandate from the people.

  3. In his presser this morning, Obama says he needs to get out of the White House more. I’m sure the Republicans can agree. All humor aside, he needs to get out of the DC bubble. Quit with all the talk about helping business. It’s time to help the people. NOW!

  4. Tom Tom is right, if you take out the Blue Dogs that the Democrats quit voting for, it was only a 12 seat loss, a record low for mid terms. The media sucks at considering anything but the Fox/Republican talking points.

  5. Interesting thoughts, and if the media is calling it a landslide, I’d say they’re up in the night.

    Say … how about a new survey, since the one on money corrupting democracy seems to have been there for awhile?

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