Another Look at This Election

Just prior to this year’s elections, on October 20th, Americans were polled and a huge groundswell of anger and disappointment was reported. Asked if the Republican party in Congress was doing a good job, America responded 31% approved, 57% disapproved, and 12% were unsure. Asked about if the Democrats in Congress were doing a good job, 41% approve, 47% disapprove, and 12% were unsure.

Think about that for a moment.

57% think the Republicans are doing a lousy job and 47% think the Democrats are. Those are huge numbers. With this many people feeling disenfranchised, America is on the brink of a revolution. Hopefully, not a violent one but most certainly a revolution at the ballot box.

This accurately explains the success of the crazy Tea Party. People are beginning to think that even the total nut jobs can’t do any worse than our two major parties and I say they’re right.

One party is hell-bent on making the rich and powerful more rich and powerful and the other party is too spineless to do anything about it. You know which party is which. No wonder the American people are pissed off.

The Republicans have benefited from and even helped cultivate this anger but that doesn’t make them any less despised than the Democrats. Quite the opposite, they will continue to be hated more than the Democrats and next election may just be the rise of the third parties.

For America’s sake, I hope we see it soon.

But we need a party like the Tea Party except one that’s not funded and run by big business and the Republican party. America is hungry for new government.

Beware, though. This is exactly how Hitler got in power. We have to be angry but sensible.

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