United We Stand part II

United We Stand part II
David Schlecht

As I’ve said before on this blog, Americans agree on a whole lot more than we disagree. If we are ever going to take back our country from the mega greedy billionaires and multi-national corporations, we are going to have to find ways to come together.

This is not a partisan issue. In fact, this is all about finding things to agree on.

If we can’t unite, the enemies win. No, not al Qaeda, or the brown people. The enemy of Democracy is the landed gentry and the multi national corporations trying to control and destroy it.

And, how are they winning this class war, as they call it? By dividing us. If you see people trying to divide the Republicans from the Democrats, the liberals and the conservatives, the left and the right, they’re playing right into the hands of the enemy. Divide and conquer.

Certainly there are things we can and need to disagree about, but it’s important that we all realize the difference between disagreeing and being divided. When we feel the other party can do no right, when they’re wrong about everything, when you just can’t help feeling anger and hated for them, then you’re letting the enemy win.

Some politicians and TV hosts do everything they can do to divide us. They harp and harp and harp on wedge issues to get people in the fighting spirit. When you see or hear anyone saying hateful things about those who think differently than they want you to think, it’s time to stop and take notice. What they’re doing is harm to America and by not turning them off and asking to have them turned off (at your doctors office or accountants), then you adding to the harm the enemies are doing to our country.

It’s not all Republican and it’s not all Democratic. Both partied have some good players and both parties have lots of harmful players. The rich and powerful have taken over both parties. Look at who runs the White House, no matter what party is in power. It’s the banks and the multi-national corporations.

Who is losing billions and billions of dollars a year in media outlets that no one believes? They’re not really losing the money. It’s an investment in buying the country. The more lies they can tell, the more unsuspecting people they can convince to vote against their best interests.

Sure, we all have our differences but let’s put them aside long enough to take back our country.

7 thoughts on “United We Stand part II”

  1. Want to see who loses billions on media just to spread their lies? It’s the billionaires. Look here and here and here for a shock about the billion dollar marketing campaign to divide and conquer us. You’re right David. They’re winning.

  2. You’re wasting your time with your efforts at bipartisanship. I’ll explain why. Your typical Republican votes for the rich and against the country’s best interests because that’s what they believe is best. And why do they think this? Because they’ve bought into the 20 years of marketing from the think tanks and money losing, lying media.

    Wanting those people to wake up and study history and read the constitution is idiocy. For the most part, the entire Republican population believes that America was founded on unlimited greed so they will vote for it every time. Turning off the Fox lies won’t help either because they seek out the lies that confirm their twisted vision of America.

    1. So the only solution is to get Republican destroying truth back in our schools. Sure, like that’s ever going to happen. We need more blogs like this.

  3. Of course, if you’re a tea bagger, you want to live in a country with no taxes, no government regulations, no welfare, no health care, smaller government. Welcome to Kenya.The third world country, America.

  4. There is a lot of work to do to clean up this mess we’ve made. If we start today, maybe, just maybe we’ll see an improvement before we die.

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