Kill the Comcast NBC Merger

Kill the Comcast NBC Merger
Matthew K.

If you haven’t had time to understand the issues around the Comcast merger with NBC, it’s critical that you read this.

The big picture is MONOPOLY.

This new entity will control the whole spectrum of media from the production, filming, scheduling, broadcasting streaming and finally delivering to the computers of a huge portion of America. In a time when we need to demand that our representatives enforce the Sherman Antitrust Act, we surely can’t be allowing bigger and bigger monopolies, especially one that does so much harm to our already defective media.

The big picture number two: Net Neutrality.

With this merger, Comcast doesn’t have to wait for America to vote on Net Neutrality. They can immediately starting slowing down all the Internet news sites like Fox or ABC or CBS and allowing preferential speeds just to NBC news sites. Then the only news their DSL or Cable customers will get will be the news Comcast wants them to get.

This merger is wrong on many levels. It’s time, today, call your representatives and tell them to support Net Neutrality and oppose the Comcast merger.