WikiLeaks and the Death of America’s News

WikiLeaks and the Death of America’s News
David Schlecht

What does the rise of the WikiLeaks tell us about America’s news industry?  It shows that our news is Dead on Arrival.

Industries and companies grow by filling a niche or a vacuum. The vacuum that WikiLeaks has grown to fill is what used to be our news. Many of our readers are too young to remember the days of Watergate, but it was the news industry that exposed it. Believe it or not, America’s news industry used to expose wrongdoing, especially in our government. Our founding fathers were so concerned about protecting the news that they subsidized it through special postal rates and subsidies to the print/paper industry.

Today, none of the news media will expose wrongdoing by the government or major corporations. Even our public news such as PBS and NPR, thanks to Conservative corruption, are reliant on donations (bribes) by government and big businesses so that even  they refuse to investigate. So, along comes WikiLeaks to fill the vacuum.

Why would more than a couple hundred misguided fools listen to or believe the right wing propaganda machine which is so reliably wrong? Why would people actually turn to comedians for their political news? It’s because we no longer have a news media; it’s all just multinational and billion dollar corporations spinning whatever best benefits them.

Without real news, America is no longer informed and parties like the Tea Baggers spring up to do the bidding of the billionaires. Why doesn’t the news industry report on that? You know why.