List of facilities vital to US security

List of facilities vital to US security
David Schlecht

WikiLeaks reports on a new list of facilities vital to US security. Guess where some of these facilities are. China!

You know? China? The only super power to threaten nuclear strike against America in the past 10 years.

Why would our representatives allow us to rely on a threatening adversary? Because some people who donate to (aka: control) our government can make money off it. And what is the “it” I refer to? It is “free markets” and “free trade” that have created this mess. American can’t even build a cruise missile without chips from China.

We have allowed our jobs to be shipped over seas and now don’t build anything we need here anymore.

Stop the free trade disaster.

2 thoughts on “List of facilities vital to US security”

  1. Maybe Obama will be explaining to us next about why we need to be shipping our national security jobs to China.

  2. Well, as you said in an earlier post, this all happened under our watch and it’s up to us to fix it. We need to demand more transparency. Obama has only given us lip service when it comes to that.

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