Who Funds the Terrorists?

Who Funds the Terrorists?
David Schlecht

Another revelation from WikiLeaks is that the US knows that the Saudis are the primary funders of terrorism. Well, I guess there’s no surprise there. But, why, after all this time, haven’t we stopped funding the Saudis?

Every time the USA tries to reduce our addiction to foreign or domestic oil the oil industry and their Republican whores paid shills in Congress scream and holler. “We can’t demand more efficient automobiles.” “We can’t restrict drilling in environmentally risky places.” “Drill Baby Drill.” “Global warming is a hoax.” Yes, yes, I know. There’s at least one corrupt Democrat too so it’s alright, right?

Sure, it’s the Saudis who fund the terrorists but who funds them? Who gives them the money they give to the terrorists?

You do and I do and all because of the oil industry and their Republican representatives.

It’s time we broke our addiction to oil.

7 thoughts on “Who Funds the Terrorists?”

  1. How can it be that we’ve been addicted for so long and are no closer to a cure. If anything, we’re more addicted that after the Carter administration.

  2. I pains me every time I fill up my ultra-efficient car knowing I’m sending money to the terrorists, but what can we do until our representatives start representing us and not the oil industry?

  3. My apologies to the prostitution industry for equating them with the slimy Republicans in congress owned by the oil industry. I have corrected the wording of the post.

  4. So true. We fund those who hate us so the oil industry can make billions and pay no taxes. The oil industry are the biggest corporate welfare queens we have.

  5. If you’re saying the Oil Industry Party, also known as the Republican party, is lower than the lowest profession, I agree. They’re, scum! At least prostitutes have some limits to how unethical they’ll go. How can anyone vote Republican anymore? It’s sickening and a very sick party.

    1. As the post says, there might be one or two oil industry shills in the Democratic party but the party is not wholly owns by big business. The Democratic party is still a party for the people.

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