Nevada Comes In Last Again

Nevada Comes In Last Again
Matthew K.

Hey Nevadans! Our state has come dead last yet again. Well, actually we came in first place. That’s first place in the WORST place to retire, IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!

Here’s why, according to MoneyRates:

No. 1: Nevada
Economic factors: Cost of living is 105 percent of the national average, unemployment is at 14.3 percent, and the average state and local tax burden is 6.6 percent.

Climate: Average monthly temperatures range from 30.43 degrees in January to 71.94 degrees in July.

Crime rate: 3rd in the nation in violent crime, and 13th in property crime.

Life expectancy: 75.8 years.

Reason for low rank: Nevada has the second lowest tax rate in the country, but scored poorly on just about every other criterion. Gambling enthusiasts may disagree, but high crime rates and a dismal economy make Nevada a bad bet for retirees.

Now, sure, we can’t blame all that on ignorant voters. You can’t blame the weather on stupidity. But you can blame every other reason Nevada comes dead last in everything on the way we vote. More importantly, our state is dead last in everything that matters and first in everything we don’t want because WE DON’T VOTE!

Believe it or not, most Nevadans are smart people. If only the majority would start voting.

Since Nevadans don’t spend 5 minutes researching candidates and only a handful of the Palin fanatics and Tea Partiers vote, the state has gone down the toilet. Contrary to what most of the rest of the country thinks, Nevadans aren’t trailer park people. But only the nuts seem to vote. When will we Nevadans wake up and start voting and start learning about politics and start taking our state back and start taking our country back?

But, when we don’t care enough to research the issues and we don’t care enough to get out there and vote every time, we get just what we deserve. We get a state run by nuts making all the wrong decisions.

6 thoughts on “Nevada Comes In Last Again”

  1. This can be said about every state in the union. If we all just voted we could get over all this conservative insanity.

  2. Your citation from MoneyRates says:
    “state and local tax burden”

    This sounds so broken. Taxes are not a burden. Only someone who drinks the right-wing stoopid juice believes taxes are a burden. If you don’t want taxes, try living in a country without taxes, like Somalia, and you’ll realize how important it is to pay taxes. Every dollar you pay in taxes you get back countless dollars worth of benefits. Do you like living in a first rate country? Then you like paying taxes to make it happen. If you don’t want to pay the taxes but still want the benefit of a great country, well, then, you’re consider one of the greedy that the Republicans are funneling all the welfare dollars to in the way of tax breaks for the rich and for multi-billion dollar and multi-national corporations.

    Paying taxes is a right that most true Americans are glad to pay to live in a great country. Burden. Pppbbt.

  3. Well, Nevada has no income tax so they don’t expect the greedy rich to pay their fair share. No taxes coming in, no money to fix their broken society. Now Nevada is trying to pass a law capping taxes on property. Now only the poor will pay taxes. Real smart people there in Nevada. I question your premise that they’re smart folks. If they were smart, they’d be voting.

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