Use the Right Words

Use the Right Words
David Schlecht

I used to have a college professor who would often say, “you can’t get the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions”.  This couldn’t be more true than it is today with the Right-wing nuts trying to poison our information. When you hear people trying to defend a position using the wrong words, take notice. It generally means that their position is indefensible. It’s called framing. Let’s look at some examples:

From the previous post from Matthew, the MoneyRates quote uses the phrase, “tax burden“. Taxes aren’t a burden, they’re the price we gladly pay to live in a civil society. The nice thing about America’s constitution is we the people can decide we want to be more like Somalia and less like America by lowering our taxes. But, is that really what we want? When you hear “tax burden”, beware of the right wing spin.

Another simple example is the whole question of abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion. Period! Nobody is arguing for abortions. But one side is arguing that there are times when abortions should be protected. This is considered a choice. People want to be able to make a choice if it affects their lives and their health and the health of their family.  So the question is “choice”. The anti-choice crowd knows they lose the argument using the right words to they cheat and use the wrong words to purposely come up with a different answer. They say “pro-life”. Really? Everyone’s pro-life. Well, everyone but most of those who say they are. If you’re pro-life, you’re anti-death so you support free medical, and oppose the death penalty. If you say you’re pro-life to oppose abortion, you are not pro-life, you’re anti-choice.

How about the term “death tax”? Do you know anyone who has signed a check to pay for their taxes after they died? Nah, me neither. Why not? Because there’s no such thing. There is, however, a rich-brat tax. Rich brats who are set to inherit billions of dollars (contrary to the wishes of our founding fathers) have to pay a high income tax (inheritance tax) when they receive the money. That’s not a death tax, that’s a rich brat tax and it should be a progressive tax that goes up to 99% on anything over 100 times the lifetime income of an American worker (worker, not counting the CEOs). That is what our founding fathers envisioned.

The right wing are masters at changing the words so we come up with the wrong answers. Before you start discussing issues with your friends and family, make sure you start out using the right words or you will never come up with the right solutions.

What other words do you hear the right use to get the wrong answers?

5 thoughts on “Use the Right Words”

  1. They’re all around us. Even the left ends up using the wrong frames.

    Pirating music is stealing. Hogwash!
    The rich create jobs. Hogwash!
    Okay, I admit, they aren’t examples of framing but they are lies that even the left spreads.

    “The poor feel entitled”. The word entitlements is just backwards. We’re entitled to receive benefits for our taxes, poor and middle class alike.

    “only the poor use that awful word ‘welfare'”. There is much more spent on welfare for the rich than on the poor.

    A quick trip to fox news brings up pages and pages of them.

  2. The democrats need to get better at presentations. They should all be required to go to marketing classes.

    1. Oh, I disagree. Current events and common sense don’t need to be marketed. It’s Lies and deception, you know, the “wrong answers”, that need to be marketed. It’s awful that people market their positions with the wrong words and don’t realize that having to change the words probably means they’re arguing on the wrong side of common sense.

  3. You have got to get Hartmann’s Cracking The Code. The great book treats this deception as a science.

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