The Correlation Between Taxes and Wages

The Correlation Between Taxes and Wages
David Schlecht

As you read in every blog and in ever newspaper, the middle class wages have gone down. In fact, there has never been such a stark disparity between the rich and the average American than we have today.

American wages are going down over the past 30 years.

What we need to ask ourselves is what has changed in the past 30 years. What?

Well, we’re paying less taxes. We’re the most un-unionized since the Great Depression.

What else has changed? Well, let’s see, corporations have gotten larger. All the major industries are controlled by a handful of monopolies.

Less money is spent on regulating industries. Pollution is increasing.

Does anyone suppose that these changes aren’t what is causing the problems? Really! Things are worse and these things have changed. It’s pretty obvious to realize things are worse because we’re letting these things happen.

The fix? Put taxes on the rich back up to 90%. Put more money into regulating greedy and poisonous industries, encourage more unions, provide more benefits for the average American, increase the power of our government to make a better life for We The People.

Or, we could just continue to shrink our government more and see if that fixes anything.

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  1. It’s amazing how simple this seems until you realize that there isn’t a single republican who will admit to understanding it.

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