The Party of Fiscal Responsibility

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility
Dave Speck

We’ve all heard the millions of dollars worth of lie-mercials on the TV, all about how the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility and it’s the liberals that want to tax and spend.

Let’s pretend that we’re really stupid enough to believe that. Wouldn’t we start to question it after seeing the Republicans rake up nine trillion dollars of the 13 trillion dollars in national debt in the past 30 years?

Okay, let’s pretend we’re so stupid that we still believe the lies. Well, the new Congress has just lied their pledge to uphold the constitution and the Republicans are already burying us in dept even further. They’re stocking up their congressional offices with industry lobbyists. They have taken the “Pay-go” policy that balanced the budget when Clinton was in office and completely ignored it during the Bush years. Now they have changed it to “cut-go”. In other words, we can cut taxes on the billionaires and add trillions of more debt to the American people but we have to cut services for the little people if we add any new services to the little people.

Why is anyone so stupid that they still believe this garbage? The party of lies and garbage.