Stop With the Hate

Stop With the Hate
David Schlecht

As hard as it is to believe, it isn’t enough that Democratic politicians are being attacked (by the liberals if you believe the media), but, no the Republican Media (you know, fox, limbaugh, hannity…) says it’s not their fault. They didn’t pull the trigger. It doesn’t matter that violence against our government has gone up as the Republican Media have ramped up their hatred, but now they try one excuse after another about how it’s not their fault.

The Palin campaign referred to the gun sights on her website pointing to the congressmen as gun sights, only, today to be telling us, no, they’re surveyor marks. Really? Does anyone really vote for a party that attacks our country and our government?

It’s enough with the hate. We don’t want to censor the hate speech, we want all Americans to just turn off the channel. Turn off Fox and the hate speech. That’s the only way this violence against our country will stop.

Don’t be fooled. You will hear the paid shills for the Republican Media telling us how it’s really the Liberals who are the haters. Well, if that was true, wouldn’t there be nothing but attacks against Republicans? No, I guess it’s just another lie from the Republican Media.

Turn off any show, even your favorite, if it incites violence against our country. And, don’t hesitate to ask the businesses you go to to change the channel if they have The Hate on their TVs.

Do it now, before more innocent people get killed.