Attacks on Our Government are All the Left’s Fault

Captain Jack

While looking into the American disease of hating each other and our government, I ran across countless blogs and articles explaining how it’s all the Left’s fault. This little doozy from Michael Eden best describes the way the Right is dealing with being called out on their attack against America:

This is hopefully turning into a nightmare for the unhinged left (or should I just dispense with the need for redundant adjectives and simply say ‘the left’?) following their despicable demonization of conservatives as they sought to exploit the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona.

This, like most of the articles from the conservatives, perfectly shows just how broken our country is. The two most common excuses reverberating from the unapologetic attackers of America (promoters of hate speech against America) are: 1) It’s really the Left that has a problem with hate speech and 2) We can’t censor free speech.

Let’s talk about number 2 first. The majority of the “unhinged left” as Eden refers to anyone on the left, do not want to censor speech. However, there are already laws outlawing inciting violence. What we on the unhinged Left want is for the Right to take responsibility for their mistakes and correct them. Quit blaming others for your mistakes. Do like the unhinged left and start condemning those who promote hate in your own party.

The first item, “the Democrats do it too,” is not an acceptable excuse for promoting and causing attacks against our government. The big difference is that the unhinged left condemn those, even on the left who promote violence and attacks against our country. On the right, they just defend them.

Furthermore, when is the last time you heard a Democratic Vice Presidential candidate telling the crazies to “reload”? When’s the last time you heard any of the leading orators on the left, similar to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck on the right, inciting violence? Sure we on the Left hate to see fools destroying our country but are not inciting violence against our country and our country’s political parties.

Most importantly, if this argument held any water at all, you would see Republican congressmen being assassinated. But, no, almost all political attacks against our government have been against the Democrats or against the government in general such as the attack against the IRS or against liberals or Democrats. These two types of attacks are supported and encouraged by the average Republican spokesperson such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and the rest of Fox, I’m not saying the unhinged Right, I’m saying the average conservative mouthpiece, sponsored by the average conservative.

So, in conclusion, when someone on the unhinged left spouts violence against a political party, conservatives, the government, or anything in general, the unhinged left condemns it. When the same happens on the right, the average conservative will defend it. Do you see any difference here?

Yes, Eden, this is indeed turning into a nightmare for America, just as you wished. When will YOU do something to fix it? When will you turn off the hate on YOUR radio and television? I can only say that I hope you will. I hope everyone will.

5 thoughts on “Attacks on Our Government are All the Left’s Fault”

  1. No wonder Americans feel so frustrated trying to talk sense into the Right. They just don’t seem to comprehend logic. Fact #1: Their side is preaching hate and violence as can be proven everywhere. Fact #2: Lone Wolves listening to their violent speech are going out and trying to kill the targets of their hate speech which can be proven everywhere.

    So, they say the Left is doing the same thing. Well, all they have to do is prove that it’s causing lone wolves to go out and kill the targets of the Left’s hate speech. What? Can’t do it? Well, maybe it’s because your leaders are lying to you about it being on both sides. Oh, that’s right, This conclusion would require some logic. Never mind.

  2. Today’s poll goes hand in hand with this story. We need to regulate or even outlaw assault weapons, A limit of 6 rounds is sufficient for anything but mass murder. Of course the Republican friends I have will all say the same old marketing speech they learned decades ago, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. This argument is so silly. Not only outlaws will have guns but our police forces will have them. Typical joe-sixpack will not.

  3. Sharron Angle came out today to say she’s not at fault. If her over the top rhetoric causes crazy people to kill, it’s not her fault. She’s as crazy as the shooters.

  4. The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem. Hello America, we have a problem. It’s called the Republican Party.

  5. It doesn’t help that the Republicans are always trying to invalidate any Democratic politician, especially Obama.

    The Right is over the top in so many ways. It’s not in America’s best interest to say the other party is illegitimate or a social safety net is unconstitutional. There are plenty of idiots out there who will believe it and then bring a gun to fix it.

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