What Did 10 Years of GOP Bring Us?

What wonderful things did the Republican party bring America during the Bush years? Remember the Bush years when the GOP controlled all three branches of our government?

If you’re a Republican, I’m sure you’ve forgotten, so let me remind you.

Our country went down the toilet!

The rich took control of our government, our government went broke, the rich stole all the money from the middle class, the stock market crashed, the BP oil rig got permission to drill and destroy the gulf coast, the agencies we the people created to control out-of-control businesses were under funded and destroyed, the largest percentage of Americans dropped into poverty in American history since the great Republican Depression.

I admit, these are all bad things. So, let’s counter this with some good things they did, such as, well, let’s see, um, NOTHING!

Then, the Democrats get in office and what do the Republicans do for America? They obstruct everything the majority of America wants. Still, they provide nothing whatsoever to help America. But, they are still forcing tax breaks for their billionaire masters while America’s economy struggles to recover. Remember? The billionaire tax breaks that got us here? The Republicans want to continue the idiocy.

The Republicans have had control of the House of Representatives for almost a month now and what have they done for America? Repealed Health Care.

That’s what America needs, let’s go back to the way things were before the adults go inĀ  power. Let’s repeal anything that might bring some good to America.

Think I’m being biased here? Take a look for yourselves. Watch to see what the GOP does for America while in control of the House. See for yourselves.