What Makes Ensign Tick

What Makes Ensign Tick
Dave Speck

In an interview before Obama’s State of the Union speech, Nevada’s John Ensign said:

We have the opportunity for neither party to get blamed for these tough political votes which are going to be necessary to cut spending,

You might want to reread that quote a few times and let it sink in.

Here is Nevada’s representative recommending that the president do the opposite of what he was elected to do because he can get away with it.

I’m not exaggerating! Read it again if you need to.

In poll after poll, the vast majority of American’s don’t want the government slashed and burned. The billionaires do. Less government means less government in their way. Smaller government means fewer restrictions to destroying peoples’ lives and the environment for big profit.

John thinks it’s okay to do the wrong thing as long as he doesn’t get caught. This is obvious from his almost getting expelled from Congress for sneaking and hiding his affair and then having his parents pay off the woman and her husband.

Yes through and through, John Ensign is a true Republican, caught in the same deception as so many other Republican politicians.

Hey, Republicans! When will you wake up? Hey Nevada! You know the question.

4 thoughts on “What Makes Ensign Tick”

  1. Yet another of so very very many corrupt Republican politicians. You have to be corrupt to be a Republican politician. A sick lot, indeed.

  2. The corruption in the Republican part is an epidemic but the fools keep voting them in. Obviously, character doesn’t matter to the Republican voters. I wonder what their lives are like. What a sad life to not expect and demand character from your authority figures.

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