Republicans Redefine Rape

As gross and disgusting as this attempt is, it should be screamed from the rooftops until everyone knows just how morally bankrupt the Republican party is.

Last week the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to restrict the definition of rape, and almost every single Republican voted for it.

Now, the definition of rape depends on how hard the victim fought. It’s not enough that a woman gets drugged and gang raped and mutilated and becomes pregnant. No, the Republicans want to do one better and say it’s not a rape since she didn’t fight back.

Handicapped women who can’t reasonably fight back are no longer raped. I guess the Republicans will call that just a little fling and if she gets pregnant, in the immortal words of Nevada’s Senate candidate, Sharron Angle, she gets to make “lemonade”.

So, your little girl gets abducted and is too frightened to fight back and the Republicans are saying, oh, that’s not really rape.

How can any woman with a fifth grade education or better ever even consider voting for these morally vacant Republicans?

What’s next, Republicans? Stoning the little girls for not fighting back hard enough?

I read post after post encouraging the Republican voter to take back their party. I can’t really believe they didn’t let their party get this far out of touch with reality by accident.

Hate America? Hate women? Vote Republican!

3 thoughts on “Republicans Redefine Rape”

  1. I read about this last week and was shocked. I agree. The entire party has become morally hollow. They talk about family values and then pull this crap.

  2. This issue is sickening, absolutely sickening. America, the land of the free, unless you’re a woman or a gay or a liberal. Why does anyone vote for those idiots?

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