How is the Republican House doing so far?

So what has the Republican House of Representatives done since they were elected last November?

If you voted for them you should be paying close attention. After the election is when your real work begins. You have to pay attention to what your representatives do so you can have half a clue if you want to re-elect them come next election.

So, what have they done for America? There are endless polls out there saying what is most important for the average American. The first thing on every poll is the economy. So, what have the Republicans brought us to address the economy?

Nothing! Zip, Nada!

In fact, they did the one thing that would have a tremendous negative impact on our economy, reversing the health care reform that almost every American, including all the Republicans, has been trying to do for over a half a century. Fix the health care system. They want to repeal it even though by impartial non-partisan analysis, is to save our economy hundreds of billions of dollars.

They have even taken the word, Labor, out of the labor commission.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything for the A-number-one-most-important thing. So how about other important things?

Have they fixed the Free Trade disaster sending all our jobs over seas? No, I guess not.

The second most important thing to most all Americans is unemployment. What have they done for the unemployed? You guessed it. NOTHING!

How about corruption in government? Nothing! In fact, they’re making it harder to expose the Republican corruption.

The next most important thing to most all Americans is the broken health care system. Have they done anything, anything at all to fix it? No. They have absolutely no ideas or plans for anything.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything at all that the average American needs done. But what have they done?

Well, they have done two things. They spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars playing politics with the Health Care Reform bill.

And, their second most wonderful accomplishment — they have spit in the faces of all American women by marginalizing the crime of rape. They have spent our tax dollars and wasted precious time redefining Rape while failing to address anything that matters.

I have to admit, if I was a Republican voter, I’d feel pretty darned stupid by now. Hey Republicans, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to come to your senses? It’s too late to take back your party. Your party is toast. It represents no one but the crazies and the billionaires.

2 thoughts on “How is the Republican House doing so far?”

  1. You have to admit to yourself at some point that the Republican voters know exactly what they’ve done to their party and they like it. You see no Republican voters complaining about the Republican party. They just complain about the liberal commie fascist Democrats. Have you heard of a single Republican voter calling their congressman and demanding that the rich pay their fair share or that the constitution says we need to take care of the WELFARE of the people?

    That’s because they like the un-American Republican party. Not all Republicans are stupid, like you see in the Tea Party, but they don’t give a darned about fixing their party.

    You make silly rants about how the Republicans should take back their party. Don’t waste your time or mine. They don’t give a darned what harm their broken party does to this country. The good Republicans left the party years ago and just quit voting.

  2. America is getting the government they deserve. They don’t vote, they get who they get.

    Maybe America should require voting or at the very least, spend a few dollars on a get-out-the-vote campaign.

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