Are They Really This Stupid?

Matthew K.

Today, on the website for our government’s Speaker of the House(you know, John Boner?), there is a post by Katie Boyd titled “Dems Ignore Small Biz Pleas to Stop Job-Stifling Regulations”.

John Boner should pay better attention to what gets published in his name and in the America’s Speaker of the House’s name, in America’s name.

To start with, if a business can’t stay in business without destroying the environment and the health and safety of their employees and customers, they shouldn’t be in business. It’s that simple, even for John Boner.

But, it’s not the small businesses who would benefit the most from destroying our regulations and making America into another Somalia, the multinational billionaire corporations would benefit the most.

Is John Boner representing the people of America in wanting to destroy our ability to regulate poisonous and destructive greedy corporations or is he screwing America over for the benefit of the corporations who own him?

Did you vote in the last election? If yes, good on you. If no, then YOU are the reason this country is going down the toilet. Get out there and vote and get rid of this stupid John Boner, already.

4 thoughts on “Are They Really This Stupid?”

  1. Absolutely! The Republicans have multi-billion dollar think tanks researching how to sell the destruction of America to the American voters. This is a prime example. How could anyone sell the American people on destroying the very regulations designed to protect us? Only a Republican would come up with such poison and only a Republican would believe it.

  2. I know plenty of Republicans who don’t believe the lies coming out of the party and out of the think tanks. But I know even more who fall prey to these tactics regularly. If marketing didn’t work, it wouldn’t be a billion dollar a year industry and the Republican party would again be the party of the people. Now, it’s blatantly the party of multinational businesses and billionaires.

  3. Many are really that stupid, but even more are just happy to turn our country into a theocracy.

  4. Honestly! Stupid isn’t the right way to look at this. The poor Republicans are only believing what they’re being fed, even if it’s horse crap.

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