Nevada Solidarity Rally

Nevada Solidarity Rally
David Schlecht

In Nevada’s capitol, Carson City, today, we were honored with the sight of hundreds of Nevada workers, showing solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin.

I’m not an expert at guessing crowd sizes but it seemed to be at least 180 people gathering in solidarity, cheering, carrying signs and making their voices heard.

Imagine that , 180 Nevadans getting together to send a message to their representatives about standing together with the middle class and with workers. Too bad the local news stations put such little effort into fairly reporting. I’m sure that if half that many tea baggers were in all of Nevada, the news would be crawling all over it and we’d be hearing about it for weeks.

Still, I’m proud to see Americans standing together to beat the tyranny of the ruling class. Well, all except the poor tea baggers down at the end of the street, still frightened and angry and hateful of their government and the workers of America.  I’m guessing they don’t even realize what they’re picketing against. You’re picketing against America, you fools.

Of the signs of solidarity, there were endless words of support from many different groups and organizations. On the end of the street, there were those condemning workers’ rights, condemning their high taxes, the lowest they’ve been in over 50 years, and bemoaning a great country and a great government.

So, who, again, benefits from a smaller government? Not the people, that’s obvious when you look at countries with small governments, like Somalia. It’s the multinational corporations you fools. Who benefits when the workers get the shaft? It’s not we the people, you fools.

Nevada, I’m proud to see all of you out there giving up a day off and freezing in the cold to try to save your state and our country.

Check out the pictures of the event. See true patriots sacrificing for the sake of saving our country. Oh, and see a handful of fools saving the poor downtrodden billionaires.

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  1. I drove by and honked. If I had known ahead of time that it was going on, I would have planned to participate. Poor planning makes for poor turnout.

  2. Thanks for going and thanks for the pictures. I wish I had known so I could have attended. There’s another this weekend. I’ll be there!

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