Rally to Support Wisconsin

There will be hundreds of rallies this weekend to support our workers in Wisconsin and let our own politicians know that we are united in supporting the middle class and the working class in America.

The war against the workers in America and against the middle class must stop. Get involved.

Get out! Join one of the rallies and get involved. Believe me, you can afford to invest a couple minutes to help save your country.

Sign up here.

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5 thoughts on “Rally to Support Wisconsin”

  1. Thanks for the link. We need more information like this so we can make it out to the events. This gives me a couple days to plan. Keep it up!

  2. I went. Great rally! It was bigger than last week. We need more of these and more and more until the people start to pay attention. I liked the sigh, “Stop the WAR on the middle class”.

  3. All Americans should be standing up for the workers. The workers are the Americans. The billionaires are in a full court press to destroy the middle class and still people are glued to their TVs when they should be out marching.

  4. Great rally. More people. Less media. Colder than the dickens. Good motivational speeches. The big difference between the Left and the Right is the attitude. The right is down on everything and the Left is all about finding solutions and building up America. Here are some pictures of the rally of 2/26/11.

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