We Still Need Unions

We Still Need Unions
David Schlecht

It is not just a coincidence that the middle class has shrunk as the unions have shrunk. There’s no coincidence that the percentage of the country’s wealth going to the greedy billionaires goes up as union membership goes down.

It doesn’t get much plainer than this graph.

The lower the union membership the lower our wages

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2 thoughts on “We Still Need Unions”

  1. So, do you still believe the marketing pitch that unions have run their course and there’s no need for them anymore? Ha!

  2. What is with this whole WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS that the Republicans are waging? Are the Republican voters really so hateful of America that they vote for the party that is destroying us? Now i can understand the Tea Baggers and the mentally handicapped but why are the rest of them still voting Republican? They can’t all be this blind.

    Oh well, as I’ve read here before, I guess marketing works especially if you’re tea bagger or a republican or mentally retarded.

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