What The Tea Party Wants

What The Tea Party Wants
Dave Speck

It is very hard not to hear the voices of the billionaires behind every single tea party request.

The Tea Party Requests

  • Fewer regulations on the oil companies
  • Drill baby drill
  • Lower taxes on the billionaires
  • Welfare for Billionaires
  • Lower benefits for the middle class
  • Smaller government
  • Kill the unions

… and on and on it goes.

Who Votes Against Their Best Interests?

It takes a real fool to be out there chanting against the middle class and against the workers and against regulating big business and against fair taxes on the rich, against their own best interests.

But, the Republican party if full of fools.

So, tea party, what, exactly, do you want, other than what the billionaires want?

You want smaller government? Tell me what small government country you want to be like. Somalia, maybe? Haiti? There isn’t a single one out there I want to be like. Tell me what big government country you don’t want to be like. The bigger the government, the bigger the benefits to the tax payers. Of course, we all want to clean out waste from our government but making it smaller isn’t the solution. It only helps the billionaires.

So, tea party followers, please, tell me, what do you want that the billionaires haven’t told you to want?

Who Fixed the Last Great Depression?

During the last Great Depression, America voted for progressives to fix the country and Germany voted for a conservative, Hitler. Who are you voting for? Since I know that you will refuse to admit it to yourself, I’ll help you out. You’re voting for the conservatives.

4 thoughts on “What The Tea Party Wants”

  1. What they want is what they’re told to want. How can they, with a brain, picket against union rights for workers? What is wrong with the tea party?

  2. By the way, how can you say what caused the last Great Depression?

    Since we were riding so much higher when this one crashed, we have actually fallen much farther than during the depression of the 30s.

  3. Anyone who thinks Obama is the anti-christ is a moron. The world is full of morons. The Republicans have found a way to harvest them.

  4. What they want? They want to destroy America and remake it in some crazed idea of what they’re told it’s supposed to be.

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