Ensign to Quit

Ensign to Quit

Matthew K.

Wonderful news, Nevada. Your unethical, slimy, cheating, lying, Republican Ensign is quitting.

The bad news, Nevada, is that you weren’t smart enough to vote him out.

When will Nevada wake up and realize that the Republicans are destroying your state?

You’re last in everything. Ever wonder why? Get rid of the crooks. Don’t just be lazy and wait for them to quit or dies of old age.

Who are you going to replace him with? The next unethical, dishonest Republican ? Dean Heller? The Chicken Lady? Sharron Angle? Really?


4 thoughts on “Ensign to Quit”

  1. Ah, the shining city on the hill. You would think they would try a Democrat once in a while.

  2. “unethical, slimy, cheating, lying, Republican Ensign”

    Oh, he’s just another Republican. Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Geez, Nevada. What gives? What percentage of Nevadans vote? Do the majority approve of what’s being done to their state?

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