How’s That Hopey Changy Thing Working for Ya?

Dave Speck

I spotted a bumper sticker saying this today and had the chance to park next to the vehicle and talk with the driver.

I said, well, let me list the issues:

  1. No more attacks on the World Trade Center. No 3,000 fatalities dues to lack of interest
  2. No more illegal wars
  3. We’ve stopped the second Republican Great Depression
  4. No more drilling permits for British Petroleum to drill in the Gulf of Mexico
  5. We’re finally doing something about our broken corrupt medical industry and medical insurance industry.

So, all in all, I’m ecstatic with our whole Hopey Changy thing, thanks for asking.

Still, we all admit, we’re nowhere near as far along as we should be or as far as we would be if the Republicans hadn’t been obstructing everything we’re trying to do to fix their mess.

It’s hard to realize how far we’ve come until we actually sit down and compare where we are with where we were.

The Hopey Changy thing is going great, thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “How’s That Hopey Changy Thing Working for Ya?”

  1. Cute. Real cute. I’ve seen that bumper sticker a few times and chuckled at its stupidity and that of the drivers hosting them.

  2. I agree, it is not nearly enough. We need to roll back the last 30 years of Conservative failed policies.

  3. Loved the comebacks. Better scratch that whole “no more illegal wars” issue. Libya is now Obama’s since Congress failed to act.

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