What Entitlements

What Entitlements
Captain Jack

We hear in the press constantly telling us about how bad it is for people to feel entitled to government benefits. Well, that’s not really correct, we’re fed a constant supply of propaganda how entitlements for the poor and middle class are bad but the rich are entitled.

For example, we’re told our whole lives how it’s bad to be on Welfare. It’s bad to be on Unemployment Benefits, it’s bad to be sucking off the system by taking Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid.

Now we’re being told it’s bad to expect the EPA to be protecting our environment or it’s bad for the Labor Relations board to be protecting labor or how it’s bad for the FDA to be protecting us from poisonous drugs or food. We should just stop feeling so entitled.

We shouldn’t feel entitled to a free press, like NPR or PBS so let’s stop funding them and lets shut them down, we shouldn’t have people entitled to get help registering to vote, so let’s shutdown ACORN.

The list goes on endlessly. Every effort we the people put into getting benefits for our tax dollars, the billionaires put more effort into convincing us how we’re not entitled to expect anything for our tax dollars.

But, you never hear the millionaire news casters on the billion dollar news organizations telling us how they’re not entitled to the benefits they get from OUR tax dollars. You never hear the oil industry like the Koch brothers telling us how they’re not entitled to billions of dollars in tax give aways. Remember? Exxon paid noting in American taxes and even got millions of dollars back in a tax refund last year because of the welfare for the wealthy.

You never hear the billion dollar assembly line farm industry saying how they’re not entitled to billions of dollars in farm subsidies. I guess welfare for the rich is okay but we little people shouldn’t be ENTITLED to anything from our tax dollars.

The sad part is that we believe this propaganda. We’re letting them get away with stealing from us.

It’s time we got back to realizing that WE ARE ENTITLED!

We’re entitled to a decent wage. We’re entitled to unionize. We’re entitled to expect to a fair share of the profits from our labors. All our country’s profits are going to the billionaires. Welfare for the billionaires.

We’re entitled to expect our government to represent us and not the multinational corporations. We’re entitled to expect the rich to pay their fair share.

We’re entitled to expect to get some retirement money back from the Social Security we’ve been paying into our whole lives. We’re entitled to unemployment check when we’re unemployed after paying into it our whole lives. No more welfare for the wealthy.

We are entitled.

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  1. Nice way to reframe the issue. We need to stop talking about things like we’re hearing them talked about on the news. Entitlements should be a good word and the sign of a good, moral, and strong country.

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