Why is the Media Downplaying Madison?

Why is the Media Downplaying Madison?
Captain Jack

Why is the billion dollar corporate media downplaying the 100,000 person rally going on in Wisconsin? You would think they have a personal interest in keeping the middle class uninvolved. Maybe they’re afraid we’ll start demanding that they pay their fair share.

If this was a rally of Tea Baggers, there wouldn’t be any room in their programming to cover Japan but since it’s only the middle class…

Here is what it looks like from CNN’s coverage:

Why is CNN trying to downplay the WI rally?
Wisconsin Rally according to CNN

And this is what it actually looked like:

What the rally really looks like
The actual size of the march on Madison


3 thoughts on “Why is the Media Downplaying Madison?”

  1. The media is against America if we get in the way of their profits. Go to http://www.theyRule.net/ and see who controls the media and the rest of the major industries in America. They’re all the same people.

  2. CNN sucks. Our national corporate media sucks. I’ve turned them all off and search for my news online.

  3. It’s time for America to turn off the corporate news media. They don’t care about America, they care about profits. We need to bring back broadcasting in the public’s interest, after all, the airwaves belong to the people.

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