Declaring War

Updated –

Matthew K.

If you read the US constitution, you’ll quickly learn that it is illegal for the president to declare war except in cases of imminent threats.

It is Congress’ responsibility to debate and declare war.

This is for a good cause. Our founding fathers didn’t want a KING declaring war.

But, when the Republican House of Representatives gathered last week they should have been doing the work of the country but were instead discussing and passing anti-American bills like the defunding of America’s constitutionally guaranteed free press.

Got that?

When you put the Republicans in charge, what do they do for America? Destroy it. What do they do to fulfill their obligations as far as war goes? Did they even discuss Libya? They ignore it and then attack the president for having to step in and do their job.

Instead of discussing things important to America, they’re busy passing bills to defund NPR and Women’s health.

Why does anyone still vote Republican?


Update: For emergency purposes, the War Powers Act allows for the president to initiate military action as long as Congress is notified within 48 hours and the act only allows for 60 days before military operations must stop. Obama has notified Congress and the 60 day clock is ticking.