Shelley Berkley Keynotes Jefferson Jackson Dinner

This from the Daily Kos:

Rep. Shelley Berkley will be keynoting the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in rural Churchill County this Friday, which either means she’s spreading out her feelers for a statewide run, just doing someone a favor, enjoys spending time way up in the northern part of the state, or absolutely nothing.


2 thoughts on “Shelley Berkley Keynotes Jefferson Jackson Dinner”

  1. Her profile: Her priorities include jump-starting the economy; creating jobs; helping families stay in their homes; securing more resources for education and transportation in southern Nevada; increasing access to affordable, high-quality health care for America’s families; developing clean, alternative energy sources; fighting the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump; protecting Social Security; and strengthening American alliances abroad to work toward international stability and peace.

    The only thing missing is praying for world peace. Oh, wait, she says that too.

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