Sharron Angle, al-Qaeda, and Obama

Sharron Angle, al-Qaeda, and Obama
David Schlecht


Sharron AngleIn an email titled “Don’t Allow are [sic] Veterans to be Betrayed any longer,” Sharron Angle says America’s president is as bad as al-Qaeda:

The founding principles of our nation have been under siege for some time. It’s not just radical groups like al-Qaeda that threaten our liberty, either. Many of our own elected leaders have decided that the Constitution is archaic and, therefore, can be ignored! (Case in point: nationalized healthcare.)

When asked if she was referring to elected officials, she says:

Well certainly we’ve seen some leadership that has embraced things that we as Americans are really shocked at seeing, and I think that that comes directly from the leadership of the president.

This isn’t just some sick Tea Bagger, this is an idiot who doesn’t understand that Obama was elected by the majority of America, in other words, he is America’s representative. Got that? She thinks that America is worse or at least as bad as al-Qaeda.

Her little Tea Bagger party is the ONLY America in her mind and the majority of America, you know, the real America, are the bad guys.

Yes, indeed, that’s what we need more of in this country, more sick, ignorant, and mis-guided Tea Baggers in our government.

Where do these people come from?