Dean Heller Replaces Ensign

Dean Heller Replaces Ensign
David Schlecht

Nevada’s disgraced unethical Senator Ensign, who is still under investigation, is being replaced by Dean Heller, the representative of big business.

One unethical Republican replacing another. What difference does it make, Nevada? When will you wake up? You’re being taken for fools.


One thought on “Dean Heller Replaces Ensign”

  1. They’re not fools. They’re just not involved so they let the minority (tea baggers) make their decisions for them.

    Did you notice how close the tea bagger nutcase, Angle, got to beating Harry Reid? And I mean a real nutcase.

    I fear that Nevadans are so used to being paid slave wages and treated like crap that they just give in eventually.

    Hey, Nevada. It’s time to get fired up and put an end to being treated like scum by your businesses and your state government. You are the only ones who can make a better state and a better country for your kids and grandkids.

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