Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas

Dear Friend,

Over 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. And those people are making making waves in Washington. Thanks to their activism, momentum is building behind an effort to hold Clarence Thomas accountable for his blatant disregard for the Judicial Code of Conduct.

Earlier this week, Congressman Chris Murphy penned a “Dear Colleague” letter asking his fellow members of Congress to sign on to an urgent request to Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith. This letter, spurred by the recent New York Times expose of Clarence Thomas’ unethical relationship with rightwing funder and activist Harlan Crow, urges the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on escalating reports of unethical behavior by Supreme Court Justices.

And now, Rep. Murphy has invited all Americans to add their voice to this effort.

I just co-signed the letter asking the House Judiciary Committee to investigate recent actions of Clarence Thomas. You should do the same. Click below to take action.

What are the Commons and Why Should We Protect Them

What are the Commons and Why Should We Protect Them
David Schlecht

You’ve probably read about the need to protect the commons on this site in previous posts. Here is what the commons are and why we need to protect them.

What Are the Commons?

The Commons is often referred to or described by The Tragedy of the Commons. The commons are those common parts of a society that belong to everyone, or should belong to everyone.  Let’s take an example:

Let’s imagine a village on the plains where there is enough room in the pasture for everyone to raise one cow. The village functions perfectly because the people share the pasture (the commons) and everyone protects it so everyone can benefit.

After generations of success, the village inherits a greedy villager who wants to grow lots of cows so he can sell them and get rich. If the village doesn’t protect their common pasture, it will be destroyed and the village will suffer and possibly even die away for lack of pasture land.

So, that was a pretty simple example of the commons and an easy demonstration of why society must protect the commons. But, let’s look at today’s societies. There are no common pasture lands and no common waterways and no common breathable air. Oh wait, I guess there always will be the most basic of commons. If one greedy person gets to get rich by polluting everyone’s drinking water then the society failed to protect their commons.

But commons include so much more than just the land we need to survive and the air and the water, but it also includes many other things that we need to survive.

So, now is a good time to stop reading and ask yourself what other commons you can think of, what other things a society needs for survival.

Does a society need clean water, clean air, unpolluted farmland? Does it need a government? Does it need a fire department and a police department and a military? I would say yes to all of the above. All of these are commons that need to be protected from the greedy. What is a military that isn’t owned by and responsible to the people? It’s a police state. It’s a repressive military government.

Is reasonable health care a necessary requirement for a successful society? Of course it is. And, what happens when greed takes over the common? You have members of society dying so greedy people can make a profit.

Why Should We Protect the Commons?

By now you probably already know the answer. It’s not at all difficult. When profits collide with the commons, society suffers, fails, and dies.

What happens when the fire department is controlled by the greedy? Only those paying through the nose for fire protection get fire services and in many cases, the fire department will go and start fires of those uninsured homes to strum up more business. We have seen this behavior in America in the past with insurance rackets.

In fact, insurance is one of the few businesses that should not be controlled by greed. It is at conflicting sides of the ring to have greed and insurance in the same business.

What is your list of things that should be free from the control of greed? What commons need protecting?

Holding America Hostage

Holding America Hostage
-Matthew K

I hope the Republican voters get a good look at their party. I hope this doesn’t all go unreported in the news.

The Republican party held the middle class tax cuts hostage and refused to allow their stimulus benefit unless the billionaires got their tax cuts. The past 30 years have taught us many things but it has taught, even the most ardent Republican voter, that tax cuts for the rich got us into this mess and more tax cuts are only making it worse. Still, the Republican party held our stimulus money hostage for tax breaks for the rich.

Now the Republican party is threatening to destroy America’s credit standing and possibly cause the next worldwide depression in order to take more away from the middle class and the poor to give to the rich. Their argument is that if they refuse to raise the debt limit and America defaults on our loans, that they can get the media to blame Obama.

Got that? They don’t care what harm comes to you or me or even to our country, as long as they can play politics and make Obama look bad. Of course, if they can send us all to the poor house in the process, that’s just a big plus.

Hey, you! Are you a Republican voter? Do you see what your party is doing? When will you do something about it? Don’t you care what they’re doing to your country? Don’t you care what they’re doing to the Republican name? Don’t you care about anything?

Why are they willing to gamble with our country to get their way? Why do they so badly want to end the booming years of the 40s through the 80s? Why won’t they just do what’s right for the country and raise the debt ceiling?

Wake Up America, It’s Almost Too Late

Wake Up America, It’s Almost Too Late
David Schlecht

In your and my lifetimes we’ve let America go from being the economic powerhouse to being the greatest debtor nation in the world. You and I have done that.

In our lifetimes we’ve seen our great nation go from being a “We Society” to being a greed driven “Me Society”.

We have seen our media go from serving to inform to being infotainment.

We have given away our commons to greedy and unethical and inefficient corporations.

We have gone from having the biggest and best industries in the world to having none. In fact, our greedy bankers are the most profitable industry in America and they produce absolutely nothing.

We have gone from having the best medical care in the world to being one of the worst, unless you’re a millionaire.

We have gone from arguing for more control by “We the People” to being Tea Baggers yelling to get We the People off the necks of the polluters.

We have gone from being a nation that was deeply involved in the governing of our country to a country of sissies who are afraid to even discuss politics.

All of this has happened on our watch.

Any one of these things would be easy to fix but we’ve been too lazy for too long and there’s a long long list to fix. Is there too much to fix? Have the Oligarchs won?

Are we ready to just tuck our tail between our legs and go back to the brain-numbing television or are we ready to get out in the streets and start talking and start marching and start making change?

If we don’t start, today, tomorrow will be too late and we will have wasted the country we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

How will they be remembering our generation? As a bunch of lazy uninvolved television audiences or as a bunch of patriots who got educated, got involved, and saved our country?

It’s up to you. It all depends on what YOU and I do today.