Wake Up America, It’s Almost Too Late

Wake Up America, It’s Almost Too Late
David Schlecht

In your and my lifetimes we’ve let America go from being the economic powerhouse to being the greatest debtor nation in the world. You and I have done that.

In our lifetimes we’ve seen our great nation go from being a “We Society” to being a greed driven “Me Society”.

We have seen our media go from serving to inform to being infotainment.

We have given away our commons to greedy and unethical and inefficient corporations.

We have gone from having the biggest and best industries in the world to having none. In fact, our greedy bankers are the most profitable industry in America and they produce absolutely nothing.

We have gone from having the best medical care in the world to being one of the worst, unless you’re a millionaire.

We have gone from arguing for more control by “We the People” to being Tea Baggers yelling to get We the People off the necks of the polluters.

We have gone from being a nation that was deeply involved in the governing of our country to a country of sissies who are afraid to even discuss politics.

All of this has happened on our watch.

Any one of these things would be easy to fix but we’ve been too lazy for too long and there’s a long long list to fix. Is there too much to fix? Have the Oligarchs won?

Are we ready to just tuck our tail between our legs and go back to the brain-numbing television or are we ready to get out in the streets and start talking and start marching and start making change?

If we don’t start, today, tomorrow will be too late and we will have wasted the country we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

How will they be remembering our generation? As a bunch of lazy uninvolved television audiences or as a bunch of patriots who got educated, got involved, and saved our country?

It’s up to you. It all depends on what YOU and I do today.

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  1. You have described every bad thing that the Republican party endorses. It is idiots who vote for them and they think they’re voting like Christians.

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