Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction

Matthew K.

If you’ve spent any time looking back to see what caused the last great depression of the 1930s, you will see that it was the drop in taxes, especially on the wealthy, that triggered the depression. A lack of financial oversight and foolishly low taxes.

We put regulations in place and raised the tax on the wealthy to 90% and we were good for almost a century.

Now, we’ve blown up the regulations and the Republicans have lowered taxes on the rich and guess what.

The lousy part is that even the Democrats in Congress are sniffing glue. It’s not just for Republicans any more. Harry Reid says we need to cut more programs to balance the budget.

Hello Hoover!

It didn’t work back then and it was thinking like this that caused the depression. We need to put a stop to this today. Tomorrow will be too late.

Call your congressmen and the White House (202.456.1111) and tell them you don’t want anything but a clean bill to increase the dept limit. After that, we can take a moment to read our history books and see what caused the depression and what stopped it.

No more slashing government spending until we’re out of this hole.

Call them now. Call them tomorrow and call them every day until they start putting our tax dollars into stimulus programs rather than in the pockets of the rich.

Call today!

A Primary Challenger to Obama

A Primary Challenger to Obama
David Schlecht

Obama has said repeatedly that the progressives in the Democratic party are irrelevant because they have no where else to go.

Well, that’s not true. The only way to force Obama back to the left is to put some left-leaning pressure on him. We have to show Obama that the progressives do have somewhere else to go.

I never thought I would say this but perhaps it’s time to find a progressive challenger to oppose Obama’s right-leaning slide off the cliff.

Senator Sanders would be a great candidate, but he’s not interested in the sewage that one must wallow in to become president.

There must be a whole list of qualified and better candidates out there who can oppose righter-than-right Obama.


The Epidemic of Conservative Violence

The Epidemic of Conservative Violence
Dave Speck

How much of the violence and terrorism in the US is attributed to Muslims and how much is Christians? You would probably be surprised to know that Muslim attacks only accounted for a small percentage of the attacks while the largest group of terrorists attacks on America came from Christians. Check out the FBI website for specifics.

The awful and senseless mass murder in Norway was followed just now by a fire bomb at a family planning center McKinney, Texas.

I’ve heard it over and over how it’s just the crazies and not every conservative. Well, I’m seriously doubting that anymore. I question if Conservatism isn’t really a sickness. It’s the closest thing you can be to suffering without the capacity of empathy without actually being clinically psychopathic.

How can anyone who cares about those around them agree with cutting or destroying Social Security and Medicare and other programs that are the difference between life and death for millions of Americans? Only someone without empathy could do this in order to save the billionaires from paying their fair share of taxes. It’s a sickness, plain and simple.

The line between being a voting psychopath and a clinical psychopath is so very thin.

I would like to see a serious study into this disease we call the Republican party and their Tea Baggers. It doesn’t just border on violence and hatred, it’s steeped in it.

The sad part is that many otherwise healthy people get suckered into voting for this party of sickies not knowing or refusing to believe just how bad it really is.


The Debt Crisis Speeches

The Debt Crisis Speeches
Matthew K.

The Republicans have been trying to engineer this debt limit into a world-ending crisis. Even though they have increased the limit time after time when a Republican is president. Now, suddenly it’s a crisis. It’s a fake crisis and the Republicans are trying to make political hay while holding our country’s economy hostage.

Here are the two word clouds from Obama’s speech and Boener’s reply. Look at the words that are used the most (those in larger font) and compare the two. Obama’s speech was about solving the problem, it was about working together to move America forward.

Here is Obama’s word cloud:

Obama's Debt Limit Speech

Now look at Boehner’s speech word cloud and see what words he used the most. It is obvious his sole purpose was to attack the president. Anyone who listened to the speech knew that it was disrespectful to America and disrespectful to our president. Here is Boehner’s word cloud:

Boehner's Attack Speech
As always, when the Republicans have nothing to contribute all they can do is attack the other side.  It sure gets old. Sooner or later the Republican voters will realize that their party is destroying our country.

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Another Example of Right Wing Crazy

Another Example of Right Wing Crazy
Dave Speck

Anders Behring Breivik was arrested for the murder and destruction he brought upon the innocent people of Norway. The crimes are abominable and he deserves any justice he received. But the bigger picture isn’t so much who or where but what.

This fanatic was spewing the same hate-filled nonsensical talking points that America’s right-wing crazies in the Republican party chant. It’s becoming a thinner and thinner line between the crazies who perpetrate the crimes and those in American politics who stoke up the fear and hatred.

Yes, here in America we’ve had our Timothy McVeigh and an assortment of other conservative right-wing fanatics. We’ve got preachers burning Korans, lunatics shooting up liberal organizations, right-wing nuts killing doctors, The list goes on and on.

Americans need to ask where all this hatred is coming from.

I can tell you where it’s coming from. It comes from our right-wing politicians. We all know that to be a fact. The right is full of the most vile and hate filled nuts that you can find anywhere.

Just think for a moment that a politician puts bulls-eyes on a map of Republican home states and used the language of reloading. If this was a Democrat, nobody would vote for him. He wouldn’t have a chance of getting elected.

Conversely, Republican voters vote for these monsters all the time. The party is sick with them.

This, my fellow Americans, is where all the sickness is coming from. You’re voting for it and making it mainstream. Now, I can hear it already, about how the Democrats do it too. But that’s just not true. Any investigation shows that it’s a right-wing disease and only the Republican can quit voting for the hatred.

Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging

Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging
Dave Speck

We have almost a dozen states where the governors have passed stringent laws that will prevent millions of Americans from voting. They say the reason is to prevent voter fraud.

Let’s look at this reason and see if it’s the real reason they want to prevent valid American voters from voting.

There has been a rigorous program to try to expose the voters who are voting multiple times or voting when they don’t have permission. You hear the conservative talk radio hosts explaining how it’s a rampant disease and if it wasn’t for voter fraud, nobody would be voting Democratic.

But, there’s hardly ever been anyone convicted of this even though they are looking as hard as possible to find them. Sure, there a few cases here and there, such as conservative talking heads who are knowingly voting in the wrong precincts.

So to prevent a couple cases a year, the Republican governors want to prevent hundreds of thousands of voters from voting in each state.

I can understand why none of the Republican voters know anything about this since it’s never addressed honestly on the news. If you knew that we were throwing hundreds of thousands of voters off the voting rolls in order to prevent one or two so called voter frauds, wouldn’t you think something was crooked?

Well, it is!

The Republican governors are not trying to fix anything, they’re trying to break our right to vote. It’s a well known fact in the Republican party that Republican politicians are not voted in by the majority. “In fact, their party benefits when the voting populous goes down.”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? It’s a fundamental principle of the Republican party. That’s why they want to prevent the populous from voting.

It is called electioneering and election fraud and election rigging when this is done and the Republican party has been ordered to stop voter caging which is how they used to get away with this. Now they’re coming right out front and saying they won’t let the poor and elderly vote. Ah, no democracy for you!

It’s time Americans got out in the streets and started screaming and yelling about this blatant attempt to take our voting rights away.

Why does anyone still vote for such a corrupt and criminal political party?


It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat America

It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat America
Dave Speck

It seems that America is starting to wake up and revolt against the Republican efforts to destroy our country. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of Americans marching against the anti-worker, anti-middle-class policies of the corrupt Republican governors gives me hope.

The Tea Baggers are starting to wake up and realize that they’re being used by the billionaires. They’re beginning to realize their weird signs made no sense since what they really wanted conflicted with what Dick Armey and the Koch brothers were telling them.

The corporate press is trying their hardest to hide this non-violent revolution but they can’t hide it much longer. Americans are waking up to the fact that our media is part of the problem, not the solution. For the real news regarding the revolution, Americans are resorting to news on the Internet.

Let me suggest a few places you can go to see the real news when it comes to America revolting against Republican crimes.


Who Owns the Deficit

Who Owns the Deficit
Dave Speck

So we hear the republican chanting over and over how the sky is falling if we don’t balance the budget, even if it means we have to take food out of the mouths of our elderly and sick and weak and poor. The world will end. Why all the noise?

The Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling 18 times during Reagan’s administration. Got that? 18 times. During that time Reagan increased our nation’s deficit by three trillion dollars, more than all the previous presidents combined.

Where did all that money go? It went to tax breaks for the rich, mostly. That and to the military budget and his failed Star Wars program.

Then, along came Clinton and he balanced the budget and had a surplus that would have paid off the deficit in 10 years.

Where did all this money come from? Clinton ended “Welfare as we know it.” In other words, he stole it from the poor. He also raised taxes on the wealthy a couple percentage points.

Then, Bush added almost five trillion dollars to the deficit and the republican voted seven times to raise the debt ceiling.

Where did all that money go? Tax breaks for the rich and two illegal wars.

Then the economy crashed, as it always does when you lower taxes on the rich, and Bush pushed through another trillion dollars to the banker crooks.

Now, Obama wants to add a small fraction to the debt, less than 8%, and the Republicans are threatening to bring the entire country down unless we take more money from the poor.

Do you see any sort of pattern here? The republicans ran up almost all of the 10 trillion dollar debt and they don’t want to pay for it. They want the poor and the weak and the elderly and the sick to pay for their big party.

The republicans and the rich have been living large for the past 30 years at our expense and now they want you and me to pay for the bill.

What would you say about a political party that does this? What would you say about a party that is willing to crash our economy if they don’t get their way on everything? We’re in this mess because of the tax breaks to the rich and the republicans are saying they will destroy the country if we don’t give more tax breaks to the rich.

What party does big business own?

US Debt per GDP


Class Warfare?

Class Warfare?
Dave Speck

Class Warfare

America’s middle class has been doing with less and less over the past 30 years while the rich have been getting richer and richer. There has been a class war going on for 30 years folks, and it’s time we started waking up to the reality. Not only are the rich making more than they ever did before, but they already own most all the wealth in the entire country.

It’s time to wake up, America. There’s a class war going on and you’re getting killed.

Listen to Senator Bernie Sanders.

Balanced Budget Amendment

Balanced Budget Amendment
Dave Speck

We’ve been hearing a lot of commotion lately by the Republicans about how we need a balanced budget.

At first blush, this might sound like a great idea. After all, don’t you and I have to balance our checkbook at the end of each month?

No, actually, we don’t. We can go out and borrow any time we feel like it.  In fact, if our federal government becomes hamstrung with a limitation like this, it would be the best thing for the billionaires and the worst thing for you and me. That’s why the Tea Baggers are all over this. Their billionaire leaders (behind the scenes) are telling them how important it is that the government can’t borrow money.

But, let’s look at what would have happened if our founding fathers were as stupid as a Tea Bagger. Without being able to spend more money than they had, we would never have been able to protect ourselves from attack as a young nation. In fact, we wouldn’t even be able to protect ourselves from Hitler during the second world war if we hadn’t been able to borrow money.

Imagine what we would have done during the Republican Great Depression of the 1930s. Without being able to borrow money to get our people back to work, this great country of the USA would have gone broke. We wouldn’t have been able to start up all the jobs programs that saved us from republican stupidity.

Here we are, a century later and the Republicans are trying to destroy our country again. When will America ever learn not to listen to the Republicans?