Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging

Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging
Dave Speck

We have almost a dozen states where the governors have passed stringent laws that will prevent millions of Americans from voting. They say the reason is to prevent voter fraud.

Let’s look at this reason and see if it’s the real reason they want to prevent valid American voters from voting.

There has been a rigorous program to try to expose the voters who are voting multiple times or voting when they don’t have permission. You hear the conservative talk radio hosts explaining how it’s a rampant disease and if it wasn’t for voter fraud, nobody would be voting Democratic.

But, there’s hardly ever been anyone convicted of this even though they are looking as hard as possible to find them. Sure, there a few cases here and there, such as conservative talking heads who are knowingly voting in the wrong precincts.

So to prevent a couple cases a year, the Republican governors want to prevent hundreds of thousands of voters from voting in each state.

I can understand why none of the Republican voters know anything about this since it’s never addressed honestly on the news. If you knew that we were throwing hundreds of thousands of voters off the voting rolls in order to prevent one or two so called voter frauds, wouldn’t you think something was crooked?

Well, it is!

The Republican governors are not trying to fix anything, they’re trying to break our right to vote. It’s a well known fact in the Republican party that Republican politicians are not voted in by the majority. “In fact, their party benefits when the voting populous goes down.”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? It’s a fundamental principle of the Republican party. That’s why they want to prevent the populous from voting.

It is called electioneering and election fraud and election rigging when this is done and the Republican party has been ordered to stop voter caging which is how they used to get away with this. Now they’re coming right out front and saying they won’t let the poor and elderly vote. Ah, no democracy for you!

It’s time Americans got out in the streets and started screaming and yelling about this blatant attempt to take our voting rights away.

Why does anyone still vote for such a corrupt and criminal political party?


It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat America

It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat America
Dave Speck

It seems that America is starting to wake up and revolt against the Republican efforts to destroy our country. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of Americans marching against the anti-worker, anti-middle-class policies of the corrupt Republican governors gives me hope.

The Tea Baggers are starting to wake up and realize that they’re being used by the billionaires. They’re beginning to realize their weird signs made no sense since what they really wanted conflicted with what Dick Armey and the Koch brothers were telling them.

The corporate press is trying their hardest to hide this non-violent revolution but they can’t hide it much longer. Americans are waking up to the fact that our media is part of the problem, not the solution. For the real news regarding the revolution, Americans are resorting to news on the Internet.

Let me suggest a few places you can go to see the real news when it comes to America revolting against Republican crimes.