The Debt Crisis Speeches

The Debt Crisis Speeches
Matthew K.

The Republicans have been trying to engineer this debt limit into a world-ending crisis. Even though they have increased the limit time after time when a Republican is president. Now, suddenly it’s a crisis. It’s a fake crisis and the Republicans are trying to make political hay while holding our country’s economy hostage.

Here are the two word clouds from Obama’s speech and Boener’s reply. Look at the words that are used the most (those in larger font) and compare the two. Obama’s speech was about solving the problem, it was about working together to move America forward.

Here is Obama’s word cloud:

Obama's Debt Limit Speech

Now look at Boehner’s speech word cloud and see what words he used the most. It is obvious his sole purpose was to attack the president. Anyone who listened to the speech knew that it was disrespectful to America and disrespectful to our president. Here is Boehner’s word cloud:

Boehner's Attack Speech
As always, when the Republicans have nothing to contribute all they can do is attack the other side.  It sure gets old. Sooner or later the Republican voters will realize that their party is destroying our country.

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  1. It’s pretty telling just how void the Republicans are of any productive ideas. It’s all attack this, attack that, attack Obama.

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