The News Industry Can’t Talk About It

The News Industry Can’t Talk About It

Captain Jack

Just how broken our Corporate Media is might come as a surprise to most people.

But, just stop and think about it for a minute. Since our news outlets are now governed entirely by profit, there are certain things they must to do maximize those profits.

I’ll give you a hint, providing the real news isn’t the most important thing to the news corporations. It’s profit and nothing but profit that is important to them.

This may sound cynical to many, but think about it. They must maximize their profits or risk being sued.

So, that means they won’t broadcast articles about anything that might reduce their income.

How about the poison destroying our country right now? How about the corrupting influence of money in our elections? Can they tell us about that? Of course not. If we did something about the millions and millions of dollars the wealthy are putting in to destroy our government, those millions of dollars wouldn’t make it to the media in the way of campaign ads.

It’s not in the corporate news’ interest to tell you that money is corrupting our political process. So, they won’t.