Democrats Stop Lies and Scare Tactics

Democrats Stop Lies and Scare Tactics
Dave Speck

The Nevada Representatives, Dean Heller publishes a letter and USA Today publishes it as gospel. Heller says the Democrats should stop the lies and scare tactics because the Republican don’t want to kill Social Security and Medicare.

Doing a quick Google search brings up endless examples of just that, Republicans claiming that helping one another is against the constitution. And, since they took a pledge to protect the constitution (not to mention the pledge to destroy America), that means they must end those illegal programs. This is just one of so many examples of Republicans vowing to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

As always, this us just another example of how devoid of any conscience or morals the Republican party is. They are all just a bunch of liars and hypocrites.

Why anyone who doesn’t hate America still votes for these America-destroying Republicans is the question of the day.

Hey, Nevada! Heller must make you real proud! Just another Republican liar.

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  1. Yes, Republicans have way too much control over our nations’ news. I read that in USA Today and was horrified that they didn’t even try to correct the lies.

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