Does America Need Manufacturing?

Does America Need Manufacturing?
David Schlecht

A stick of wood has little or no inherent value. Have someone carve it into an ax handle and you have created value. The person with the ax handle has value, as does the business he works for, as does the neighborhood and town he is in as well as the country. For every ax handle made, value is added to the country.

When America abandons it’s manufacturers, it is abandoning the golden goose. No more value is added to the country.

Sure, we now have a “service” driven economy, but it ads nothing of value. Do you want fies with that? Is that adding any value? I’ll mow your lawn, you fix my car. Is any value added? Of course not. In fact, if all you have is service, eventually all the value of the country will be depleted. Every time the money has to change hands, someone takes some out to live on, some of it goes to pay for the roads and street lights.

Obama is planning to put another trillion dollars into a stimulus package, but it will all go away just like it did ten years ago when we no longer make anything anymore.

We’ve lost over 40,000 factories in the past 10 years. That’s a whole lot of value that is gone. What little manufacturing we have left is not enough to offset the value lost in the “service industry”. The stimulus will all go away unless our representatives start to realize where it’s going.

3 thoughts on “Does America Need Manufacturing?”

  1. This is a great post Dave. You couldn’t have said it better or easier. If we’re not making our country wealthier, we’re making it poorer. The financial industry does not add any monetary value to our country, they just suck it out.

  2. But, Protectionism has such a bad name. We can’t really protect our jobs can we? We have to let the American worker compete with the slaves of China. I would be so ashamed to be a Republican and feel obligated to vote for the people flushing our economy down the toilet.

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