The Job Killers

The Job Killers

Matthew K.

Have you read the news about how Obama wants to call a joint session of congress to give a “Jobs Speech”? Then you’ve read that the Republicans have denied him. This is the first time in America’s history that any president has ever been denied a special session of congress. The first time!

And this is the time in America’s history when we need more attention paid to jobs. But, the Republicans aren’t interested.

By now I hope everyone in America can see the Republican party for what they really are. The JOB KILLERS.

Finding solutions to our jobs crisis is not of any interest to them. They can’t raise a single finger to make it happen.

They lie to us all day long about how they’re the job creators and the billionaires they’re funneling more and more of our money to are the job creators and we have fewer and fewer jobs.

America. Are you paying attention? Quit voting for the lying Republicans. You’re destroying America.

Oh, by the way, the working middle and lower class are the real job creators.

5 thoughts on “The Job Killers”

  1. All you have to do is look at the Republican Great Depression of the 1920s and you can see that all the Republican policies caused it then and are causing it now. It’s not rocket science.

  2. It is a sad day when half of America believes the Republican lies. They have way too much control over our news.

  3. I agree that America is starting to wake up, but once the millions of dollars of misinformation begin, around election time, the zombie will go back to believing that Obama is a secret “mouslem”.

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone, and I mean anyone, who has ever thought about it, would ever believe that a business can sell something if there aren’t any buyers, but the meme continues.

  4. And what about the Republicans threatening the chairman of the Federal Reserve about trying to help the economy. The Republican party should be sent to prison for the damage they’re doing to our country.

  5. Trillions? Is that what you said? Maybe that’s what we need but Obama is only offering 500 billion. In other words, a drop in the bucket. The last one was too small and this one is even smaller.

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