Note to Obama

Note to Obama — Updated
Matthew K.

Hey, Obama, come to your senses. You’re hurting America, you’re hurting the Democratic party and you’re hurting your chances of reelection.

Pay attention Obama. The way you’re negotiating with the failed Republican policies is destroying us all. We need a strong leader. We need someone who doesn’t meet the idiots half way.  You’re not half an idiot and the American voters don’t want to vote for half an idiot. Stop acting like one. Stop meeting the idiots half way to idiotville.

You have one chance left to remain relevant. Stand firm. That, Obama, is your only chance.

This past election should be a big wakeup call to you. The Democrats aren’t going to vote for half an idiot, even if the Republicans vote for the total psychopath.

Call the idiots what they are and stand firm and the Democrats and the moderates will come to your side. They have nowhere else to go, well, excerpt home, and that’s not good for you or us or America.

Update: Way to go Obama! Today’s speech is exactly the kind of language we’ve been needing. The Republicans have to be called on their stupid ideas or the average voter will not realize how insane they really are. Keep up this type of rhetoric and you will see your support skyrocket.

Still, though, you have to realize that the middle class the the poor have been sacrificing for the benefit of the rich for thirty years now. It’s time you stopped saying we need to cut more from those who have already sacrificed too much.