Is the Death Penalty Murder?

Is the Death Penalty Murder?
David Schlecht

Is it appropriate for a government to be killing its citizens? If the error rate on executions is really 1 in 10, is capital punishment too outdated and barbaric for a modern society?

Was Troy Davis innocent? Does it really matter? Is it enough that we weren’t sure? Even if we were sure, are we any better than murderers when we murder our people?

I don’t have the answers. What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Is the Death Penalty Murder?”

  1. The world is not a better place when we kill our citizens, even if we miraculously killed only the bad ones. We would still be killing people when there are alternatives.

    Killing criminals does not discourage crime, so why do it? Revenge? Superiority? Glee? No reason justifies the act.

    Kill the death penalty.

  2. Word has it that not only did the Republican governor, GW Bush, kill a man who was probably innocent, but the Republican presidential candidate, Richman Perry who boasts the most kills in his state has also killed a man he probably knew to be innocent.

    The Tea Baggers cheered when he boasted about his kill record.

    The party of sickos.

  3. The death penalty is gross and disgusting, even if we NEVER killed an innocent person. Knowing that we have killed plenty of innocent people makes it even more disgusting. When will America join the developed world?

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