The Era of Citizens United

The Era of Citizens United
David Schlecht

The USA has changed over the years. When we were a young country, almost everyone knew what was going on politically and everyone was out there talking with their neighbors and friends and families about the issues of the day. And, almost everyone was personally interested and invested in the future of our country.

Today, Americans have become lazy about voting, they’ve become too busy being socially active in the virtual worlds like Facebook and Twitter and whatever. We’re too involved in what’s on the TV and whose on Dancing with the Scars, and whose the biggest loser, and hardly anybody is paying attention to the destruction being wrought upon our nation by the greedy and unethical and their unsophisticated puppets (yes, I’m talking about the Tea Baggers).

It’s becoming apparent that the more painful the decline of the American society, the more involved people are becoming. Just look at the thousands and thousands of people out there in countless rallies. Of course, you won’t hear anything about the thousands of voices because the media refuses to report about anything other than a handful of Tea Baggers here or there.

Yes, Americans are becoming more energized, but we’re a long way from the tipping point. Mark my words, though, we will get there. Hopefully it won’t be too late to do it peacefully.

Americans’ apathy and failure to get involved and failure to get out there and discuss and learn the issues has put us at a terrible risk. Today, our Supreme Court is controlled by the most radical of corporatists who have decreed that corporations are people and money is speech. This means that the voice of the lowly voter is drowned out by the billion dollar and international corporations.

Today, the bankers who have brought our economy to the brink of another Great Depression are making so much money that they could easily spend more on a candidate than was spent during the entire 2008 presidential election and it wouldn’t cost them more than a fraction of their bonuses.

So, the game is rigged for the coming election. The billionaires can spend as much as they want, thanks to the Republicans on the Supreme Court. There’s no way you and I can contribute enough money to even have our voices heard. There’s no reason for the candidates to represent us since we are no longer getting them elected. The candidate spending the most money almost always wins, and the corporations and billionaires have oh so much money.

The best way to evaluate the coming candidates is to see who is buying them. A good place to look is Open Secrets.

But there are so many people out there glued to Fox or Dancing or who knows what, that they don’t take the time to do their homework.

The coming election will be won by Citizens United and the multinational corporations and the billionaires. They’ll be fighting over our representatives like vultures, picking the flesh of the rotting democracy.

I believe, nah, I hope, that this will be enough to reach the tipping point and become the point where Americans wake up and take back their country.

But, it will only happen if you and I get out there and talk with our friends and families. We Americans have a huge multinational media industry who is benefiting from the big dollar elections and they have their best interests at heart when they refuse to educate the people.

It’s up to you. Today.